Past Meeting Minutes

DCSU – Executive

January 13, 2014

12:08pm – Amelia moves to begin, Mryto seconds, all in favour
-Myrto calls meeting to order

Present: Cam, Amelia, Myrto, Jenny, Monty, Lauren, Jessica

Late: Art

12:09 – Myrto moves we approve today’s agenda, all in favour
-Myrto moves to approve last meetings minutes, Cam seconds, all in favour

12:10 – Treasurer’s Report – moved to when Art arrived

12:10 – GSU Report – Jessica
-how can they legally hold a referendum to separate from the Canadian     Federation of Students (they don’t feel they represent well the needs of graduate     students, and funding etc)
-it was basically decided that the GSU would like to have a referendum, but there     is now a legal challenge because the person appointed to organize has a conflict     of interest
-probably going to be in a position where we need to decide our stance as a     graduate unit – representative of each unit (most probably) will be the voting party
-Myrto mentions that Isobel Stowell-Kaplan has mentioned this at a meeting     earlier this school year – perhaps they can link up and discuss the background of     this dilemma
-less than 2% of grad students turn out to vote on such matters – we need to     create awareness in our department!
-bus shelter ads – unfair fees unfair work campaign – being put forward by the     steel workers, the RA union – laying off support staff and replacing support staff     with work-study positions, for much less pay, and we still pay the same fees…
-10 people with over 20yrs experience laid off in the graduate centre…
-provost committee about fees/payment/funding, no news to report, still ongoing

12:16 – Art arrives! Hoorah!
-Holiday Party
-generally all round a good party, well organized etc.
-Theatre Outing
-good departmental turnout 🙂 very good to see

12:17 – Report from Treasurer – Art
-not much to report
-received cheque from GSU on time for the Fall Head Grant
-awaiting the Winter Head Grant
-because SSHRC was awarded to Grotowski Workshop etc, we do not need to     provide the group with extra.
-Jenny give Art receipt for Turkey and Parking from before xmas

12:19 – FOOT
-we had agreed to provide for FOOT, we received the Head Grant so no longer     necessary
-Myrto suggest Cam follow up regarding the Conference Grant for FOOT

12:21 – Current Business
-Academic Committee Meeting Upcoming : Doodle calendar in progress
-For Reference: -Monty, Jenny, & Jessica volunteer for Academic Committee     (Jessica as alternate)
-Cameron volunteers to join the Theatre Committee, with Myrto, (Amelia     volunteers as alternate)

12:24 – Student Entry Feedback
-Do we want to have a separate meeting with Stephen regarding the results of     the survey?
-Do we bring the results to the AGM first?
-Cam; we may not have the schedule availability to choose…
-Amelia: it would be good to have at AGM, because there wasn’t a lot of material     relevant to entry at MA level, it was geared toward the PhD level

12:26 – AGM Scheduling
-Monday January 20, 2014 12noon – 1pm
-all approved

12:29 – PUB NIGHT
-Cam: We should have one, maybe post-February?
-Or post-Grotowski?
-Art has found another awesome show happening in March/April – show about     Pierre Trudeau about Quebec separation in white face, in the Distillery District     March 27…
-we didn’t do one first term, so we should do a “really awesome” one…
-Can we combine with a Grotowski event?
Jenny- one of the performances is already AT a pub one night… at The         Round in Kensington Market February 22, 2014
-DCSU cannot purchase alcohol but can purchase food
-perhaps have the pub night for 7pm and the show begins at 8pm, and DCSU     can provide snacks between performance sets…
-Monty – will pub night lose its DC identity if combined with Grotowski?
-Art – pub nights are generally poorly attended…
-Lauren – perhaps the merging will create a new identity for our DC pub nights
-People like free things…
-Art – combine the funds for 2 pub nights and put into this one night to have a     more decent and substantial food option

12:38 – Brechtfast
-Jenny suggests March for love and sugar
-Cam, what about right after Reading Week?
-Art, is it a good idea to organize the Brechtfast with them in mind? invite them?
-Jenny – will write to UGSU regarding their “ball”
-Someone will need to liaise with the UG’s for logistics – just send an invite with     date/time and bring ingredients
-Potential Date : Monday March 3, 2014. Cam is emailing Bruce to find out     class logistics
-March 8th is National Women’s Day, we should make Brechfast woman-themed
-Cam, next year, Pinter Wonderland
-Spring themed? The Irresistible Rise of Spring?
-March 3rd is National I want you to be Happy Day

12:47 – Capital Gift
-Myrto wants to reintroduce the thoughts
-perhaps save the money for things in a ‘room of our own’
-how do we actually get our own space? what is happening to move this forward?
-Lauren – can we ask for a vote at AGM whether we ‘see what happens with     space’ or ‘decide on a gift today’?
-we did not spend last year’s gift money so we would currently have $1000     moving forward if we vote to save
-Myrto – we need to find the yoga mats and make them accessible
-Monty – could we buy lockers with pin passwords that can be changed with each     new user?
-all in favour of this concept – can we find out more information?
-Monty to price out the lockers
-we will bring the concept to the AGM for a vote
-Myrto – sometimes if we offer to buy someone important to alter the quality of DC     life, the school will offer some support financially as well
-Art – we also need to double check the security of lockers in this space.
-all this information comes to AGM, and Stephen
-priority lockers – long usage and short usage etc, applications – run through the     DCSU for bookings etc.
-Monty – lack of secure storage (in any of the spaces) is a major issue –     particularly if you are working intermedially

1:01 – New Business
-Suggested Name Change – Art
-Art discussed the Name Change with higher powers, and how the name has to     be changed accordingly
-need to change the name of the account
-requires a letter from the Exec
-we need to make a motion and just change it so that we can move forward
-Rob wants to see the name of the department – that adds 5 letters right away
-Myrto – no problem changing the account to whatever it needs to be in order to     make Rob comfortable with the cheques and monetary issues
-Myrto – also happy to change name through university, but it will create work…
-Art – how about for now, we just issue the letter to change the account name and     then move on – they will still have the old name on file
-readdress the name change through the university in April 🙂

1:06 – Heather asked for proof of attendance for theatre outing – Art/Myrto/Cam     (childcare for proof of departmental sponsored outing etc)

1:07 – Elections? Elections happen at the April ish GM, and we will discuss the Year End     Party at a later meeting

1:08 – Is anything burning? on anyone’s mind? -Myrto.
1:09 – Cam moves to adjourn, Myrto seconds. All agreed. Meeting adjourned.



DCSU executive meeting

October 17, 2013, 1-2 pm

Seminar Room


In attendance: Cameron Crookston, Myrto Koumarianos, Art Babayants, Jessica Thorp, Amelia Nezil, Montgomery Martin, Jenny Salisbury

Regrets: Lauren Shepherd


Meeting began: 1:13 pm.  Jenny taking minutes


  • Approve the minutes  (Cam)

Moved by Monty, second Myrto – passed

  • Treasurers report (Art)

Art & Monty still working on formal document, meeting later today to complete it and do complete the GSU Head Grant

  • If the Head Grant is submitted by tomorrow, we will receive the money at the November meeting
  • Final deadline is Jan 1st
  • Name change – Rob says it needs to meet the name of the centre
  • ‘DCSU’ is still alright
  • Cam handed in receipts
  • Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report. Moved Amelia second Jess –passed


  • GSU report (Jess)
  • Very very long and difficult
  • John and Tarek success
  • Grad funding – subcommittee with a survey

Survey sent through Rebecca, going to resend

We could be in a strike position

3 items 1. Bring minimum funding to $19000

2. Increase number of years of funding

3. RA supervision over number of hours, etc.

We had a commissioner resign, we are juggling portfolios

By-election in November

Stressed getting head grant in soon

Concerns surrounding Israeli based companies on campus.

  • Motion to accept GSU report Moved Jenny, Seconded Art – passed


  • DCSU president’s meeting with John (Cam and Myrto)

Items discussed: Space, Student information committee, Keys, Printer

John is looking into upgrading to a computerized key system

Nothing will happen immediately, but he is working towards it

University college space is opening up for us

The director’s space may become available to us in a year

Printer: looking into it, perhaps renting one from the university with a code

All exec members with experience with other colleges or faculties with student access to printers (Jess, Amelia, Art) email Myrto and Cam their experience from other schools, so they can be shared with John


  • Old business
  • Myrto report on UC meeting with John Marshall

Want to include graduate units

There will be social events coming up

Cam and Myrto will share the planning committee responsibilities

  • Lou’s memorial event – Jenny will be the rep
  • Brechtfast

Jenny will bring 3 waffle irons

Jess will find waffle iron & batter for Gluten free

Cam will find 1 waffle iron

Art will talk to Nom re: batter

Plates cups coffee – Cam

Decoration – check kitchen. (Update: there are no decorations in the kitchen, Cam will go to the Dollar store)

Costume contest?  Free tickets to Lapage? – To be discussed further over email.

  • Grotowski funding vote:

Art ask Cassandra re: constitution

Grotowski group will write justification letter

We will vote for this next meeting

  • All DSCU exec to send bios to Cam for the website ASAP
  • Theate outing – Pia and Antje are both doing a LePage, so we are not going to do a separate DCSU trip
  • Scott and Cam doing research for the information committee during the fall semester, planning a meeting with the faculty for the new year
  • Undergrad update (Jenny

The undergrads would like to partner with us more, inviting each other to events

There is a Hart House masquerade in January – we should all go!

  • Facebook page for DCSU

Jess will make a page and a Brecht event  (Thank you, Jess!)


  • Motion to adjourn Moved Cam, seconded Myrto – passed.

Meeting adjourned 2:05



DCSU – Executive Meeting – Tuesday September 24, 2013

DC Seminar Room


3:33pm – Myrto & Cameron call meeting to order, Called by Myrto, Second by Cameron


PRESENT: Myrto, Cameron, Lauren, Art, Monty, Jessica, Amelia, Jennifer


3:34pm – Cameron moves to approve agenda, Jennifer seconds

-all in favour, none apposed

-Amelia moves to approve last meetings minutes

-Art seconds

-all in favour


3:36pm – Art and Monty have not yet met to discuss presenting the Treasurers report

-nothing new to report, all documentation has been sent accordingly

-discussion of release of application forms online – Head grant

-according to last year- earlier deadlines get you more money

-Jenny offers to search online for further information


3:38pm – Administration Logistics

-for Lauren – website needs updating with minutes from meetings once those minutes have been approved; March can be posted, as well as GM minutes from April which were approved this September

-we should update the website with our names and contact info, also with a bio/blurb, photo

-please send blurb and visual aid of your face to Cameron by the end of the month

-should we put a link to the John & Tarek website? All agreed

-thanks have been received from John’s family with regards to our interactions and communication regarding this sensitive issue

-GSU news (Jessica/Isobel)- put a move forward from our department to endorse this issue

-do we have a facebook account? No (Art), Myrto queries whether Rebecca, as Publicist of the department, has to approve and manage?

-Do we NEED a facebook account? Queried by Art.

-Cameron offers for us to encourage use of the DC’s website

-Amelia comments, facebook has handy reminder systems that our website and email servicing does not account for

-what about administration privileges? (Lauren)

-Myrto & Art confirm we wouldn’t rely only on facebook for communication- we email as well for those not on facebook – does this create more work?

*-Myrto resolves to talk to Rebecca regarding this action, and will report back to executive at the next meeting




3:48pm – Minutes from GM

-maintaining anonymity? protecting anonymity during anonymous call for feedback

-can we move or request to present this issue- because these minutes are posted online, and therefore they are accessible

-should we vote to approve clearing names from the minutes

-Myrto moves to remove the names from the minutes of the GM from the section titled “roses and thorns” because they were submitted anonymously for the purposes of that meeting, to post them would not be to protect anonymity

-Seconded by Cameron, Amelia

-All in favour, none opposed


3:51pm – Assignments to Committees

-2 to represent at Academic Committee, and 2 at Theatre Committee

-Myrto explains the responsibilities of each role for DCSU Exec members on these committees

-Myrto requests to take volunteers for those positions before assigning the role

-Monty comments the importance to remain neutral during Theatre Committee meetings if desiring to propose a project to the committee

-Monty, Jenny, & Jessica volunteer for Academic Committee (Jessica as alternate)

-Cameron volunteers to join the Theatre Committee, with Myrto, Amelia volunteers as alternate



3:57pm – Dates for Events for the Year

-Brechtfast is CONFIRMED for October 31st, 1-2pm


*Jenny moves that we amend the agenda to discuss briefly a liaison between the undergraduate department Student Union

-all in favour

-Jenny volunteers to be that liaison


-Myrto returns us back on schedule (3:59pm)

-we should have a fun name for each Brechfast that is Brecht themed, as well as relational to the season

-Cameron resolves to organize naming of Brechfasts “Operation Sassy Names”


[Jenny exits, 4:01pm, to meet a prior engagement]


-Myrto requests that Jessica & Amelia work on incentives for DC as a department to participate more fully


-Myrto moves that we schedule our next meeting now

-all in favour, none opposed

-scheduling begins, all participating

-decision to “Doodle” it is made, all in favour due to scheduling issues


4:05pm – Pub Night & Theatre Outings

-Should Pub Night happen after Brechfast?

-Should Pub Night always occur in conjunction with Theatre Outings

-We are currently investigating costs for Theatre Outing to Robert LePage (Art)

-Art offers to email Pia regarding tickets, Monty will liaise with Art on this

-Myrto offers we tag a Pub Night onto this Theatre Outing 🙂


4:07pm – New York & Montreal

-nothing to report, much time ahead


4:07pm – Grad/Undergrad Social Events etc.

-Cameron has communicated with the UG department, particularly that we wish to continue with a professional relationship with them, as many of the grad students are also TAs

-we can look into inviting them to our workshops and vice versa

-we can potentially look to pool money to create more opportunities

-we have received an email for us to use to look for UG actors for our shows

-we have been invited to their Christmas Masquerade

-we feel it is not appropriate for them to attend our Holiday event

-how do we turn down their invitation politely?

-Resolve to ask them to forward their invitation to the graduate centre for circulation to the department and graduate students can decide the appropriateness themselves

-we do not want to give the impression that we will plan the event with them, though we may be happy to attend


4:14pm – Renaming the DCSU to reflect our Graduate School Status

-Myrto recaps discussion regarding merger of UG’s and PG’s and renaming our student union to reflect that we are graduate students

-Art proposes we just add one letter

-Myrto counters it might not be as easy as that, though she is for the solution

-Cameron inquires how many things need to be altered to accommodate?

-Art mentions there are other more pressing issues, proposes we allow this year to flow as it will… and see whether it becomes necessary in the spring

-Cameron moves that we table the name change until such time as we can devote our proper attention and it becomes necessary

-Art seconds, all in favour, none opposed


4:19pm – More Office Space?!

-Myrto moves to table the discussion

-Amelia seconds, all in favour, none opposed

-will be brought up again when we know more about our finances


4:19pm – Office Keys & Logistics

-Myrto reports that John is looking into logistics, and it is being worked on at U of T speed

-Myrto reports inquiring about having a key to the Student lounge, we should have access to the department – we are responsible

-Art comments about the protocol at OISE and having a key and access so that you can work evenings and weekends etc

-Myrto suggests we offer a “keyholder” option for a few members of each year

-Jessica queries whether we are too underdeveloped to have it linked to our student card…

-Monty comments that keycard access to this area is made problematic by access to Rob’s office space and logistics of how our space is accessed, and what areas are secure

-Myrto proposes we add this issue to the conversation with John regarding feedback from students, and push for resolution ASAP.


4:26pm – Results of Roses & Thorns / Beefs & Bouquets

-Myrto & Cameron will present these to John

-printer, renaming studio theatre, offices, lounge space etc.

-Cameron comments on Scott’s proposal about a formal investigation about how new students are oriented to our department – Scott would like to work on this and bring a proposal forth to John separately?

-Myrto offers that we approach the situation with John, and introduce the liaison to a formal proposition

-Monty comments that he feels Scott’s proposal is also about not being lumped in with all the “Roses & Thorns” it is a separate entity, that a new committee is generated so that it is not the responsibility of the Exec or the Profs, there needs to be a separate governing body…

-Lauren offers that Myrto & Cameron offer to facilitate this liaison with Scott and John for this proposal so that we provide our due diligence, and allow the student body to speak accurately, with a formal proposal

-Cameron has begun a compilation of what other Graduate Students received at U of T in different departments

-Lauren reports that acceptance emails include confirmation that you will receive a package in the mail but no package arrives


-Cameron moves to introduce the concept of this committee (pending Scott’s approval) with John, and then big action – in the interim data and feedback will be collected and organized through Cameron, Scotty, Amelia & Monty

-Myrto seconds, all in favour, none opposed




4:37pm – Theatre Outings

-Art reports he’s on top of it, if you have an idea for a show please let him know but he is organizing well, and wants to reduce the number of emails and having too many cooks in the kitchen!


4:38pm – Other Business

-Myrto points out it is her birthday tomorrow and we should all go eat and drink with her at The Victory Cafe

-Cameron comments that they serve pumpkin ale, and it exists, its a thing

-External Review site representative needed – its a University thing, an exeternal review of processes

  • Can anyone go on Monday October 28th for an hour? 12-1:15pm
  • Myrto thinks she is imagining that they offered cookies, nobody is biting on this event, cookies or no cookies
  • Myrto still thinks they are trying to sweet talk you into the review with cookies, fill out a form and eat some cookies…


4:41pm -FOOT

-every year we give them about $500.00, in past years they have requested more and when available it has been awarded

-Myrto, as representative of FOOT (not as co-president), would like to request $500 from the DCSU to support the Grotowski Workshops/Residency

-Myrto will remove herself from the conversation as needed in terms of conflict of interest as she is involved in the organizing of these events

-Art recalls there being a formality for requesting money for such things, ie) extra money and how it is asked for?

-Cameron & Monty comment that last year’s request was conditional on only receiving money from DCSU if the Head grant was not awarded

-Myrto suggests Art could look into budget as Treasurer, and upon his response we can discuss further at next meeting and vote on it at that time



-Myrto moves we call the meeting to a close

-Cameron seconds

-all in favour, none opposed


4:48pm Meeting Closed





April 2, 2013

DC Seminar Room



Approve Agenda

Approve Minutes from Last GM

Elections – President, Ex-Officio, Treasure, PhD Member-at-Large, Union Steward

End of the Year Party

Treasurer’s Report

GSU Report

Capital Gift


Other Business




Grace moves to start meeting – Cassandra seconds – All in Favour

In attendance: Grace, Cassandra, Isabel, Cameron, Johanna, Art, Monty, Myrto


Grace moves to waive quorum – Cassandra seconds – All in favour


Approve Agenda

Cass moves to approve agenda – Isabel seconds – All in favour



Approve Minutes from Last GM

Grace moves to approve minutes – Cameron seconds – All in favour


Elections – President, Ex-Officio, Treasure, PPhD Member-at-Large, Union Steward

Cassandra: traditionally the president becomes ex-officio

Grace would like to be Union Steward – Nominates herself – No other nominations – Grace wins by acclamation

Johanna informs us that Jenny, who is not not here, would like to be PhD member at large – Johanna nominates Jenny – Cam seconds – no other nominations – wins by acclamation

Cass nominates Myrto for treasurer – Myrto declines

Johanna nominates Art for Secretary – Art declines

Cassandra nominates Johanna for Secretary – Johanna declines

Isabel co-nominates Johanna and Monty for co-president – Johanna declines – Monty declines

Isabel co-nominates Myrto and Cam for Co-presidents – Art seconds – no other nominations – win by acclamation

Jo nominates Art as Treasurer – Isabel seconds – no other nominations – wins by acclamation

Jo nominates Monty Ex-off – Art seconds – no other nominations – wins by acclamation


End of the Year Party

it’s booked, April 10th at 8pm, an email will go out tonight by Cam

munchies – a couple of plates every hour – Cass says every half hour – over budget?

did we vote to use more money? – yes, $150

more munchies, less often, starting at 8 or 8:30 – 3 times during the evening

we will use Cam’s card for the deposit – others are also willing to if need be

Cass suggests to make Facebook event – Art is doing it now

Awards: Grace will make award certificates, Isabel will buy candy. Award categories will be decided over email. We usually do about 7 or 8. The Saddlemeyer Parker award announcement has gone to Lou.


Treasurer’s Report

$980.79 is going into the account from Head Grant, Special Grant, and Conference Grant

There are a couple of cheques to go out – to Grace, to Allison.

The second account does not get used.

Final balance will be updated soon, as soon as incoming/outgoing cheques are taken care of.

Cass: check in with Lou about a cheque that was owed her for the holiday party.

Note: at the end of year party – we should keep an eye on what we’re spending! If we’re going to get charged for the diff up to $500 anyway, we might as well buy something for it.


GSU Report

Nothing new to report. But, note that the cheque for special grant: we will be required to report on that re: event. Event will be happening on April 12, 2-4pm.

Isabel brings Art up to date re: re-hauling our health insurance. Perhaps will change provider. Art has a complaint to communicate about it. Will send to Isabel.


Capital Gift

It doesn’t seem as though we have come to a decision about the computer…


Gym mats to supplement Yoga mats – Grace will price out the gym mats end of April.

Magic technology box (Monty’s suggestion)

Furnishing the office space

Cass suggests a magic email printer, can charge people bc the thing keeps track. (Each person pays up front? Or are people to be asked to pay at end?) Someone specific will have to be responsible for it (costs and maintenance) – e.g. members at large. Perhaps DCSU would have to front the costs. Each DCSU will have to decide how they do with it. Grace brings up issue of access to room. Cass will investigate the technicalities in late April.

Isabel: A good coffee maker? According to Cass this is historically problematic in terms of maintenance.

Decision will be made via email between gym mats and printer end of April.



We have accepted a proposal – Kelsy and Allison.

If we have any questions or concerns, we should let them know.


Other Business

Art’s suggestion: a theatre sub-committee. Cassandra volunteers to help Art.

Monty suggests having a regular theatre outing night.

Cass suggests that we go to Peter Kuling to have a second calendar, or to make suggestions/announcements on current calendar of good/cheap shows.

They can help us get group prices for the official theatre outings – and in collaboration with Massey.

Myrto – announcement to the students abt exec meetings? – Something we can talk about next year. Especially sometime in summer.


Grace moves to Adjourn – Cassandra seconds – all in favour




MARCH 28, 2013.



Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes from last meeting

GSU stuff

End of year party


Saddlemeyer Parker award

Theatre outing

Schedule end of year GM

Capital gift

Other business



  • in attendance: Cassandra, Cameron, Grace, Myrto, Johanna, Isabel, Monty
  • Grace moves to approve agenda – Isabel seconds – All in favour
  • Grace moves to approve minutes – Cassandra seconds – All in favour


GSU stuff

  • Isabel gives cheques to Monty – headgrant, FOOT, special cross-union event
  • GSU healthplan – they’re looking for new suppliers it seems like – also looking at changing what is covered – e.g. homeopathy debate as opposed to physio and mental health (cost more and need more sessions)
  • let’s ask around if anyone in our own department use it – we can ask at the GM


End of year party 

  • Johanna and Cam have been checking out venues –
  • Hair of the Dog – we can reserve upstairs Sunday to Wednesday, min spend $500 (including all drinks people buy) – seems that most places have this kind of minimum – can we get enough people to make sure we spend that?
  • make sure we chack CDTPS schedule and also inform Stephen ahead of time
  • DRA5001 retreat on April 10
  • April 7 mock conference for nikki’s class
  • april 15th – OGS
  • what about the day of the retreat? April 10th? Cass will ask Stephen – if on the 10th, then we can invite all to come to our retreat
  • Isabel – can we up the budget to $150 – we haven’t spent a lot of money this year.
  • Cass – maybe 3 rounds of $50 of nibles – to account for different arrival times



  • $50 for Brechtfast – cass will go buy stuff
  • cam and myrts will wash dishes
  • some of us will stay to talk to the visiting prof
  • Justin wants to pass some info today to students at Brechtfast


Saddlemeyer Parker award

  • Isabel has to make a call and collect nominations
  • should be announced at the party
  • maybe a week for nominations and a week for votes
  • what about the fun awards? we’ll do an email thread.


Theatre outing 

  • Origato Tokyo – closes April 14
  • Myrts: maybe she she pop show? on the 19th? there’s also a relevant chat that day.


Schedule end of year GM

  • Grace expresses the desire to be union steward
  • April 12?
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday is best – Grace might not be able to come?
  • Tuesday April 2 at 4pm – Grace will send


Capital gift

  • mats need to come in rehearsal room
  • we can start another email thread from last meeting
  • Grace will look through the minutes and talk to stephen before the GM – and if we have any brilliant ideas before then, let Grace know


Other business

  • Cross-union event – probably April 12, 2-4pm


Johanna moves to end meeting. Isabel seconds. All in favour.



General Meeting

January 23, 2013



Approve Agenda

Approve Minutes from Last GM

Winter/Spring DCSU events

Treasurer’s Report

GSU Report

  • volunteers needed for 2 positions

Capital Gift

FOOT Applications for next year

Other business



Grace moves to start the meeting – Monty seconds

Present: Grace, Isabel, Kelsy, Myrto, Monty, Johanna, Jenny, Lauren, Matt, Cameron

Isabel move to waive quorum – Johanna seconds – all in favour


Approve Agenda

Myrto moves to approve the agenda – Isabel seconds – all in favour


Approve Minutes from Last GM

Grace moves to approve – Matt seconds – all in favour


Winter/Spring DCSU events

Theatre outing

Isabel’s suggestion: Worldstage – Othello, C’est Qui – Feb 6 – 9

Lisa’s suggestion via Cameron: Arrigatto Tokyo at Buddies – March 16 – April 15 something

Grace suggests: Let’s go for Isabel’s first bc might be able to pay for whole thing – Lisa’s idea as backup. We all agree.



More to come soon. Will be on a day where lots of classes.

Cassandra is organizing.

Lauren suggests – V-effect for Valentine’s.


Pub night

Kelsy’s idea – like the salons from a couple of years ago – food, drink, etc.

– there will be a call for performances – first at DC

– questions about including the UC too, and maybe after that open it up even wider

– Matt question – theme? New and original work. Maybe tie in with spring re-birth.


End of year party

Members at large are organizing – send ideas their way

Requesting a choir…


Treasurer’s Report

Spent so far: $359.80 – less than last year (not including cheques given out today and bar cost for the Holiday party). Orientation was more expensive last year. But we’ve spent more on each of   the other events so far.

Still to spend the FOOT money and the remaining spring events. Also, Saddlemeyer Parker and capital gift – X2, i.e. last year’s and this year’s. Yoga mats being bought shortly – less than $500.

Budget for end-of-year party is $150.

Myrto: How much in account? Monty says he will tell us once cheques are cashed.


GSU Report

Not much happens. A lot of discussion about mandates. Not very pertinent for us. But we applied for 2 grants – both have been received. $500 for FOOT.  And the small grant for our small event – the research tech chat. The money will go to food and a small honorarium.

Elected a member at large for GSU – committed to improving the situation of international students. Want 2 volunteers to consult with: for the anticalendar and the international students. Not big commitments.

Cam will do the anticalendar

International students at DC: Justin, Catie, Shelley? Isabel will email them and any others. If no-go, one of exec will have to do.

Matt asks about political activism of the GSU – Isabel says anyone can come, but can’t vote.


Capital Gift

We’re getting yoga mats for last year’s gift – very soon.

This year’s capital gift, still under discussion. We’re open to suggestions.

Monty suggests: the Ent-tec wireless dmx interface: This is a magical thing.

Any other suggestions: please email us. Ask around. Note: we don’t get things that the DC should be providing.


FOOT Applications for next year

We haven’t gotten any yet. We’ll put out soon after the current FOOT. Spread word…



Other business

We’re asking Stephen for study-space and laptop for booth.

Monty: Or just lobby for it wi-fi in studio?

Matt: we need mannequins or dummies and head of props for Death Clowns. Spread the word. Monty asks if we have budget for security deposit.


Grace moves to adjourn – Johanna seconds. All in favour.





JANUARY 18, 2013.



Approval of agenda

Approval of minutes from last Exec Meeting

Winter/Spring events

  • Theatre outing: ideas?
  • Brechtfast
  • Pub night (suggestion to tie it to a Performance Art event)
  • End of year party

GSU Report

  • need of two volunteers


  • requests for items to be on GM agenda

FOOT business

  • applications for next year

Capital Gift

Other business




  • in attendance: Cassandra, Cameron, Isabel, Grace, Myrto, Johanna
  • not in attendance: Monty
  • Myrto moves to approve agenda – Cassandra seconds – All in favour
  • Grace moves to approve minutes – Johanna seconds – All in favour



Winter/Spring events

  • We will not plan these now, but appoint people to work on them
  • Theatre outing: Grace will organize
    • Isabel – Othello at Worldstage; Cassandra the Daschund UN at Worldstage; Cam Little One and another; send ideas by the GM – we will also ask input at GM
  • Brechtfast – Cass, as long as after FOOT – maybe after reading week – Feb 26th? – let’s wait to confirm theatre outing first
  • Pub night (suggestion to tie it to a Performance Art event) – Isabel says: Allison and Kelsey suggested a performance art night at the GSU pub
    • We usually give 50 dollars to pub night.
    • Isabel will follow up with this with them and we will use the $50 as per usual for food and drink.
    • Isabel – if lots of interest, can we maybe devote more money than $50?
  • End of year party – the two members at large: Cam and Johanna
    • Note: classes end April 5


GSU Report

  • Cameron attended – confirms lenght of meeting and multiple topics on the table
  • Approved finance report and auditor report
  • Voted and passed into Palestinian call boycotts – green light to research this
  • branding and identity committee – new committee, subcommittee
  • anticalendar – subcommittee
  • need of two volunteers – anticalendar and international student thing – Isabel has sent out email
  • perhaps an international  student should be enlisted
  • if we can’t get someone, we might have to do it



  • requests for items to be on GM agenda
  • GSU report
  • Get volunteers for the two GSU committees
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Maybe a special money meeting needs to happen before then? A report to be reported to Grace earlier?
  • Thing about magical online research things  and open scholarship practices – March 7
  • Capital
  • Events



FOOT business

  • Isabel is looking into our grant cheques at the next GSU meeting – are we getting them?
  • Cass: FOOT does not know if we will get the GSU money, could we have tentative confirmation from DCSU that they are willing to back us up that $500 to make sure we can follow through
  • Isabel: if FOOT gets the GSU money, would you still use that? Are we just agreeing to give it to you in the case that the GSU grant doesn’t come through.
  • Cass: yes. The GSU grant comes through DCSU account anyway – we will not use extra $500 if the GSU grant comes through.
  • Cass suggests a motion, and abstains. Cameron motions. Grace seconds. All in favour.
  • Cass plugs the conference – can everyone spread the word?
  • applications for next year – not a soul has applied yet – we need to put out another call – Grace will – perhaps right after FOOT – and with short turn-around


Capital Gift

  • conversation about last year’s capital gift
  • Cass explains: last year, capital gift was going to be a piano – then Stephen bought the piano – so, it was decided we buy the yoga mats with the “piano-money” instead.
  • Therefore, the money for the capital gift is in the account, but there is further buffer zone in the account.
  • We also have a savings account with about $1900, that we can access once a year.
  • We potentially have $800 for capital gift, because things have been rolled over.
  • Cass suggests we save some money to use for decking out a potential office space.
  • If DC can be persuaded to share the cost of buying a computer for the booth, we save some money. Also, hear back from Stephen about office space. This will help us decide.
    • Cass and all agree that we should not be buying the computer ourselves. The booth should have one, and the DC will benefit financially from it too.
    • Cass explains the history of the conversation. We were going to buy one, Stephen suggested we get a better one, Cass suggested to split it, and it’s gone back and forth from there.
    • If we pay for the whole thing, then it should be for students only, so that it can last. To be kept in the student office. It should not be used for rentals. We all agree.
    • Grace: if it’s to be used for rentals, should we ask to split? Or pay the whole thing?
    • Cass: they missed their chance. No splits. Wait to end to end of the year to decide capital gift – to see if we get student office. If space not likely to happen until another year, then we should buy a sound-software computer, but we only use.
    • Grace: If they buy the comp, then we give them the software to put on it.
    • We all agree.
  • Johanna will do something to test the printer. She will set it up and advertise as emergency printer to see how fast cartridge empties.
  • If we get an office space, all stuff from student lounge should move over.


Other business

  • Grace will look into dates for things, including end of year AGM.


Cass moves to adjourn. Johanna seconds. All in favour.





NOVEMBER 26, 2012.



Approval of agenda
Approval of minutes
Treasurer’s report

GSU report

Holiday party
Capital gift

Other business



  • in attendance:  Grace, Isabel, Cassandra, Cam, Myrto, Johanna, Monty, Justin dropped in also.
  • not in attendance: N/A
  • Johanna moves to approve agenda – Isabel seconds – All in favour
  • Cass moves to approve minutes – Johanna seconds – All in favour



Treasurer’s report

  • number’s will not include Brechtfast or the theatre outing
  • Monty:
    • starting numbers at begin of year: $1740.03 – more than last year
    • deposited from DC: $1100
  • Cass: what is this breakdown and what are they earmarked for? We need to know how we’re meant to spend it. i.e. $500 for capital gift, and $500 for FOOT
  • last year we spent $1000 for FOOT
  • Monty: first instalment from head grant: $566.05 – more than last year
  • need to pay back Brechtfast and Opera Atelier
  • Cass bought refreshments and food for “pupnight” – but she says it was too few people? – but those are the normal numbers – budget was agreed ahead of time
  • (Monty: how can we make more people come to pubnights)
  • also, conference grant, due Dec. 5, for FOOT – Cass is already working on that
  • we will get second instalment of head grant (last year $382)
  • Monty: DC also pays more money to FOOT?
    • Cass: yes, specific aspects, and $500 directly from DC. Then DC money ($500) through DCSU to FOOT, and GSU money ($500) through DCSU.
  • There’s a second account – a savings, accessible once a year
  • Last year, FOOT asked for an extra $500 to fund, and we agreed.
  • Grace: We could up the theatre outing. Or capital gift.
  • Cass: the reason we budget $200 for theatre outings, is because our source of income for it is the endowment.
  • Monty:  Proposes to look at our finances and see where we can tighten up and open up funds, as well as how we can pass down a more clear and compartmentalized account to future execs.
  • Cass: we need to check in with GSU about what the rules are. And of course, we need to check in with our student body.
  • Monty: absolutely. We should present this to the student body.
  • Isabel: Maybe we can make a cheat-sheet, short document. Cass: yes, it exists.
  • Isabel: we can create a proposal, and Isabel can take it to the GSU.
  • Cass: Yes, bc they ask for end of year report.
  • Grace: Monty, get the box of documents from Laura. Grace will get in contact with Laura.
  • Monty: why doesn’t the box live at the DC? Cass: bc we don’t have a secure space. Myrto: should we get one? Monty: I would prefer not to have it at home.
  • Cass: idea for capital gift, small safe for the student lounge. Johanna: is that a capital gift? Should that come from the extra money that gets rolled in to the budget? Monty: can it be a filling cabinet with a lock. Grace: it will get voted on at the General Meeting. Johanna: but we don’t have a key to the student lounge. Maybe, Monty should have a copy?
  • Cass: Shouldn’t someone have a key and passcode to the DC every year? E.g. the president?  Isabel: yeah, if we need to come meet, or set up… etc.
  • Cass: Can Grace speak to Stephen?
  • Monty: someone on Paul’s team should also have it.
  • Cass: there could be a card-swipe?
  • Jo: we should actually have offices we can use.
  • Cass: also, Nikki has opened up her old office.
  • Monty: we should at least have keys for the student lounge.
  • Isabel: we should speak to Stephen about the UC office space too. We should at least get coded access. Jo: we should place a lot of pressure to get offices. This is our job.  Isabel: everyone else in grad school has keys to their department. Jo: the seminar room, the kitchen, and student lounge should be open to all of us.
  • Cass: this was the case in the past, but students basically lived here. And people would forget to lock. And access to building isn’t possible. Isabel: but, when the building is open, we should totally be able to use it. And, the living here, will not necessarily happen here. Put a lock on the theatre and stuff. Jo: if we had offices, this wouldn’t be an issue.
  • Cass: Stephen has created the lobby as a working space with the tables in the lobby – if we get offices, it will decentralize the student experience. All: it’s great out there, but it’s not enough, quite. People stay home bc have nowhere to leave their stuff.
  • Monty: the only thing that is preventing us keeping the main doors open is the theatre. All: we need new doors for the theatre.
  • Grace: let’s move on. She will speak to Stephen.
  • Cass: Stephen’s best operating tool is a strongly worded letter. Jo: we should research other programs and see what they offer. Isabel: will do English and History. Cam: will do poli sci. Grace will write the letter. We’re asking for access to the space we have, and also working space. Jo: will look into other universities. Cass: asking for a swipe is better.


GSU report

  • Not much to report. Elected a new executive at large person, who says he will try to specifically look into funding post-funded cohort.
  • Discussed whether an academics and funding committee exists. They’ve been doing work for a year, but they’re not on the standing list of committees. Ad-hoc? No decision.
  • Also civics committee’s mandate – discussion.
  • They are trying to push the issue of fees vs funding post-funding.
  • Grace: Justin might stop by shortly to tell us things about TA stuff.
  • Grace: he would like to propose a meeting for people in the union. We don’t get funding from union for having a steward until we had for a year – so we would have to buy own food.
  • Let’s organize communication of important things, re: surveys and stuff, by email, emergency meetings, and visiting the classes.
  • Isabel: all are also invited to attend these meetings. Anyone who is there can speak and influence the decision.
  • Jo: Isabel can type up a short summary so we can communicate it.


Holiday Party

  • date/time: Dec. 5, 6:30
  • we should be here at 4:30.
  • Cass is making the turkey. Cass: just turkey? or turkey and stuffing? Sure! She should get a cab to bring.
  • Isabel: potatoes.
  • Cass: have we booked the bar? Grace: She will confirm.
  • Cass: should we have some non-alc bevs? Because the bar overcharges us for it.  Jo: not a lot. Grace: will bring.
  • Cass: needs to be captain music. Isabel! check out rehearsal room for speakers etc.
  • Cass: might ask Stephen to be Santa.
  • Jo: accessories – cran sauce, buns. We also check if we have enough plates, cutleries, cups, etc.
  • Cam: veggies.
  • Myrto: deserts.
  • Isabel: make a facebook event.
  • Cass: no theatre.
  • Cass: baby DCers. Can Stephen give out little gifts?
  • Isabel: how is the movie thing set up for the kids in the seminar room? We should ask on of the parents. Grace will email the parents. Jo: we can set up the room.
  • Let’s talk it up!! Grace will make a poster.


Capital gift

  • Stephen sent email to Grace: 1 dozen mats are $155.88.
  • Cass motions this is good for last year’s capital gift. Grace seconds. All in favour.
  • Myrto: gym mats? Maybe for this year?
  • Jury’s out on the booth laptop. Apparently they were supposed to get a desktop for the booth. We need it for sound software.
  • Monty: It actually should not be a laptop! Jo: or two desktops to use for both spaces, bc it will cost same as buying one (properly good) laptop.
  • Suggestions for this year’s: a safe? gym mats? storage for books? Email accessible printer?
  • We should fix the current printer first. What about the printers? Nothing has happened.


Other Business

  • Justin with Union related things:
    • unit 4 is on strike, only 44 people, part-time employees committed elsewhere too. They’re providing lunch for anyone who pickets with them.
    • there was just a meeting for unit 1. we almost went on strike last yr. some people are trying to make it happen – i.e. proposing we should always strike. we should all start paying attention, otherwise, only very extreme voices are heard.
    • department level CUPE orientation – no funding available yet, we need to have a steward for at least a full year. it would be $100/yr. We should have a CUPE orientation. esp. grievance process, bargaining, funds for various things (e.g. health savings account, student parents, etc.) – most people don’t know.
    • Can we tie this to an event in January? – Tie to the AGM. – We should have some food…
    • Justin requests that we organize this.
    • Cass moves we support the meeting for $50 for food. Isabel seconds. All in favor.
    • Can we have a Tuesday or Thursday for the meeting?
  • Cass: undergrads.
    • they have a new student union. Cass spoke to them. a union and a paid admin group.
    • to facilitate – we should send an ex officio to them, and vice versa (no voting, just chat and hear)
    • social and theatre activities together:  they suggested a recurring student-organized show across the department. kinda like foot structurally. proposed the year before, artistic director, etc.
    • Cass can write a proposal to the theatres committee
    • Grace: Yes, bc lately more interest in smaller shows. Cass: no, actually, we mean a larger show to include both grads and undergraduate. Jo: is the summer a problem? Isabel: will there really be interest at the grad level?  Myrto/Grace: that’s why might be better a whole bunch of small pieces (like the salon). Isabel: maybe there can be a choice/flexibility as to which of the two is pitched each year?



Myrto moves to adjourn. Grace seconds. All in favour.




OCTOBER 24, 2012



Approval of agenda
Approval of minutes from previous two exec meetings
Theatre outing/pub night
Holiday party
GSU report
Other business



  • in attendance: Grace, Isabel, Myrto, Johanna, Cam
  • not in attendance: Monty
  • Isabel moves to approve agenda – Johanna seconds – all in favour
  • Grace moves to approve minutes for meeting before last – Cam seconds – all in favour
  • Cam moves to approve minutes – Cass seconds – all in favour


Theatre Outings and Pubnight

  • Grace: Opera Atelier ends Friday Nov 2 (last weeknight) – “pupnight” at Cass’s house after? Is it too soon?
    • can get $20 tickets
    • everyone in agreement
    • money will be used to pay Cass back for pizza orders etc. (maybe around $50 dedicated to this? Monty not here to tell)
    • do we have $200 for theatre outings the whole year?
    • approved



  • email went out today from Lou
  • classes are scheduled till 12, but they sometimes end at 1
  • Cass: enlist Noam to make his waffle batter and has loads of food colouring – Isabel will email him
  • Grace can also make waffle mix
  • Isabel has a waffle iron – will try bring before Tuesday – Grace will remember
  • Noam and Nikki have waffle irons too – Cass will email Nikki
  • we all meet here at 11:30pm – Johanna and Myrto have class until 12, Isabel has class till 12
  • DRA5000 has class til 12 (or 1) – Cam will email him to ask to get out in time
  • Grace will get Halloween plates and forks and napkins
  • we have regular and light syrup, and chocolate already
  • we’ll tell people to bring toppings (but they don’t) – we need toppings – everyone should bring stuff
  • we have 2 gluten free individuals – gluten free waffles? or fruit platter
    • Cam will bring fruit platter
    •  Johanna will be in charge of finding out if they’re coming and if we can make gluten free


Holiday Party

  • Tuesday December 4
  • Cass: let’s do a food and toy drive again! But we need to put out the boxes early, so that people can remember. Cass will create a beautiful box.
    • student food centre and sick kids
    • Cass will find emails from last year and resend them – re: what they accept.
  • Cass can make a turkey because we’ve lost our turkey person.
  • It’s potluck. We need people to bring.
  • We should probably send an email mid-November – Grace will do it.
  • When do we decorate the tree? Lots of sparkle! Do it the week before? Extra buckets of glitter the day of.
    • November 28th is tree day (maybe include this in the email)
  • Johanna: We should also invite people to bring any other non-Christian decorations.


GSU report

  • Nothing of note happened. Just mandates about different committees.
  • The GSU special grants: one time only grants, available to small course unions (65 members and under). Max $200. Has to benefit all students represented.
    • organizational expenses
    • teching seminars, colloquiums, etc
    • circulating info
    • academic cultural events
    • sports
    • parties/receptions (100)
    • deadline December 5th
  • all this applies – maybe we can do professional development colloquia? Food and honorarium to speakers?
  • Cass: KMDI has some cool research tools
  • Grace: Steph tutorial for sound design
    • Cass: we still don’t have computer for it. Stephen needs to hear back re computer and yoga mats.
  • Cass will ask if anyone would be interested to do it – and then maybe if we get this grant we can give them honorarium. Otherwise we just provide food. If we get the thing, we might even be able to do two days.
  • Isabel: Should we ask DC students to give us input? She will email to ask. Give people a week.
  • They will have to write the letter and budget? Or they will help us to do it? We’ll let them know this in the email.
  • Headgrant application got in on time – Isabel will give to Monty



FOOT funding

  • Cass: Foot Budget. Usually $500 comes from DCSU. Cass wants to make sure this is ok. Do we need to vote it?
  • Also, last year there was a special request, and got $1000. But that’s a special request.
  • Also, last year we were talking about starting to plan earlier – had said to put out the call in September! For planning and funding re: SSHRC.
    • SSHRC no longer an issue
    • Still good to do this esp. bc keynotes get booked up.
  • Any opposition? Let’s vote:
    • Grace moves to approve. Isabel seconds. Cass and Myrto abstain. All other in favour. Approved.
  • If put out call early for artistic directors, the new can shadow/mentor with the ongoing directors.
  • We should do this early – like before the holidays.
  • We usually pull the call from last year with new date.
  • Grace: Who is responsible? Cass: the president
  • Grace will send the call around for us to check it before she send it out.
  • Isabel: should we decide deadline?
  • Cass: suggests end of November. To avoid paper time.
  • Cass: describes the process – and especially fact that encourages people do it in pairs.



  • Come to cage.
  • We should put capital gift on next agenda.
  • Isabel: Yoga mats? Grace: Stephen is waiting for her reply.
  • We explain the idea of the capital gift. – Try not to get upkeep things (the DC should do it), or things that would incur ongoing costs. Sometimes we save up over a couple of years to do it. Or can share cost with Stephen.
  • Isabel: wasn’t Monty meant to do something with the emergency printer? Grace will remind him.
  • Cass: Printer with email address. Can keep track of print jobs and send out emails to collect money. Maybe a capital gift idea?
  • Grace: Would that be too much work?
  • Cass: People would not be honest.
  • Isabel: let’s set up the existing printer as a test-run for this idea.
  • Johanna: Put a note so that we discourage excessive use.
  • To avoid a ton of work for upkeep? Let’s try this as “emergency” printer.
  • Isabel: send out email to say we’re test running it and say don’t overuse it or we won’t be able to sustain. And still point note on it too.

Grace moves to adjourn. Cass seconds. All in favour.


*Note: Myrto, once the minutes are approved, they need to go on website.



SEPTEMBER 27, 2012



Approval of agenda

Approval of minutes


GSU report

Treasurer’s report

Union business

Other business



  • in attendance: Grace, Isabel, Myrto, Monty, Cam
  • not in attendance: Cassandra, Johanna
  • Grace moves to approve agenda – Isabel seconds – all in favour
  • Grace moves to move approval of minutes to our next meeting – Cam seconds – all in favour



  • Grace needs to settle dates of events with Lou – she believes holiday party set for Dec 4 (Tuesday)
  • we need to send email to DC to suggest theatre outing – better to be something more expensive – and we should all talk to people about it too
  • Bruce has suggested a Theatre Gargantua show – Myrto will forward it to all
  • Grace needs to also talk to Lou about first Brechtfast dates – mid-October, usually after an MA class
  • we also need to talk about pun-name for it
  • re: theatre outing, we looked at some theatre online
    • possibilities: Arsonists, and the Marksman
    • no decision for now – move on


GSU report

  • Isabel reports:
  • someone will be looking into a bylaw that’s not clear
  • a funding committee – should they be elected or appointed? It was left as is.
  • Isabel has to go to 4 out of 6 meetings in order to get money.
  • We all filled in the form with our information. Given to Monty to complete. It needs to be returned to Isabel so that she can get it to GSU by the 28th of October.


Treasurer’s report

  • Transfer of the accounts has not occurred yet, so we need to get that underway with Laura.


Union Business

  • Justin is our official union steward
  • re: his question at the GA – Grace got a response from Stephen – Grace will also forward us Justin’s response to Stephen
  • Justin was satisfied with Stephen’s answer – it quells the worry that these peer assistant positions will take away TA positions
  • these positions get paid much less than TA positions and a bit more than workstudy
  • Stephen is new to this, but promised he will keep an eye out for it


Other business

  • Myrto brought up question of using rehearsal space of UCDP. Isabel: maybe we should send Stephen an email about new rehearsal spaces?
  • Monty: perhaps we can ask for black drapes for rehearsal room as capital gift. Grace cautions we shouldn’t spend that money on things the DC should pay for… So, perhaps we should approach Stephen about getting this done.
  • Myrto: what about printer in student lounge? Grace: it’s just not hooked up. Emergency jar system for change for new ink. We should do that!
    • Grace moves that Monty will set up. Isabel seconds. All in favour.
  • Isabel: we should send an email to let people know.

Grace moves to adjourn. Myrto seconds. All in favour.


General Meeting

April 3, 2012


In attendance: Cassandra Silver, Monty Martin, Mark Rochford, Art Babayants, Grace Smith, Nina Bee, Noam Lior, Johanna Lawrie, Isabel Stowell-Kaplan, Peter McLaren, Catie Thompson


Noam moves to wave quorum, Grace seconds, all approve!


Noam moves to approve agenda, Cassandra seconds, all approve!


Cassandra moves to approve minutes, Grace seconds, all approve!


Positions to fill by election: President, PhD Member-at-Large, Treasurer



Cassandra nominates Isabel

Cassandra nominates Grace

GRACE is our new President!


PhD Member-at-Large

Grace nominates Johanna

Peter nominates Catie

JOHANNA is our new PhD Member-at-Large!



Cassandra nominates Monty

Isabel nominates Johanna

MONTY is our new Treasurer!


CASSANDRA is our new Ex-Officio!


End of Year Party

–  April 12th, starting at 7:30pm at No One Writes to the Colonel

–  8:30pm we are doing the awards

–  try to get there as early as possible, we don’t want it to fill up!

–  little nibbles of food from the exec

–  Cassandra will get the veggies on her way

–  Cassandra will make the awards – we will send them to her – Grace will get funny dollarama gifts to go along with them


Treasurer’s Report

–  Laura isn’t here – Cassandra handed out the budget

–  overall: we still have money, yay!



–  nothing exciting

–  Head Grant Cheque is in, Grace will go get it – money for us!

–  if you opted out of health/dental, you should have your cheque by now


Other Business

Grace moves for us to create a Summer Website Subcommittee, Noam seconds, all in favour!

–  Noam: contact Michelle MacArthur for all the archives of minutes

–  Cassandra, Grace, Johanna, and Monty

–  Grace will contact us and get the ball rolling!



–  we had one submission – congrats to Cassandra and Michael (and Monty and Myrto)

–  centered on Theatre and Technology

–  gallery of creation technologies

–  ‘more performance-y elements’ from Michael

–  Second Life presence?


Catie moves that we create a subcommittee for a Montreal Trip! Grace seconds, all in favour! – Catie, Johanna, Isabel (and Matt?) will work on this!


Art notes we need to link our events more to the curriculum

–  brainstorm ideas on how to do this

–  theatres committee meets later in the year and the season is set a little late for it to be worked into the courses

–  all of these problems seem to point to the need for a Production Manager

–  this has been brought up on a number of occasions, but they ask ‘who should that be?’ – concerns for authority structures (this has been an issue in the past)

–  all consensus that Paul needs a bigger crew (maybe 5 people?)

–  Cassandra suggests that we meet with the powers that be in a larger group

–  communication between the students and the theatre’s committee

–  tension of authority between student (PM) and Lou/Paul


Isabel notes a problem with RA-ships as well

–  departments needs to recognize that there is a serious difference between RAing for a professor and RAing for an organization/institution

–  it seems the hour ratio is extremely different/inconsistent between the two…and flexibility

–  Cassandra wonders if this has to do with communication and expectations

–  nothing necessarily needs to be done, but Isabel is just bringing it to the table

–  there is information on the website about RAships


Cassandra moves to adjourn, Noam seconds, all approve!


Executive Meeting Minutes

March 22, 2012


In attendance: Cassandra Silver, Noam Lior, Isabel Stowell-Kaplan, Laura Lucci, Sasha Kovacs, Mark Rochford, Johanna Lawrie

Missing: Grace Smith


Minutes – move to approve: Laura, Sasha seconds, all approve!


Academic Committee

–       update about merger

  • facilities: Noam and Cassandra tour of spaces
    • email re: what space we need from Stephen
    • another tour tomorrow at 1pm
    • we will only gain, not lose, space

–       doctoral completion award – will be split ‘evensies’ (Stephen)

–       changes of courses – MA = 4 credits, some shifts with prof absences

–       institution wide course-evaluations

–       incoming: 13 MA; 8 PhD



–       nada! Oh, and no strike!


Theatre Committee/Advisory

–       nada!



–       Proposals: C is proposing so might need to be excluded from decision

–       Funding: timing of conference doesn’t allow for this…

  • Suggests we put out a call for 2014 FOOT a year and a ½ in advance…? Sept?


End of Year Party

–       Isabel – reservation is at 7:30; shouldn’t fill on a Thursday

  • Food – easier to get them to do it…cheese and meet platters, chips and salsa; we’ll buy premade veggies and dip to bring as well
  • Thursday April 12 – come by 8:30 for awards – need to send official message
  • Award ideas:
    • Peter and Didier
    • Sanitation award – Kelsy (Pee-hD)
    • Architectural Engagement – Didier
    • Nicest Person – Jenn, David and Alex
      • Must fight for the winner – judged by Stephen
    • Louis Armstrong Impression – Catie
    • Defying Gravity – Kelly
    • Least wardrobe colour variance – Matt
    • ‘Real Song and Dance Man’ – Art (or, Critical Generosity)
    • 6 degrees award – Stephen
    • send more ideas to Johanna
  • SP award – students vote – 3 nominations


End of Year Meeting

–       April 3, 3pm – Location tba

–       Divide up responsibilities for the exec, but not change the # of people

–       Updated budget from Laura

–       GSU from Grace

–       Elections – President, Treasurer, Ex-Officio, PhD large member


Professional development – April 3 before AGM


Move to adjourn: Sacha; Isabel seconds; fin!


Exec Meeting

February 28, 2012


In attendance: Cassandra, Noam, Sasha, Johanna, Mark, Grace, Laura, Isabel


Minutes – move to approve: Sasha, Isabel seconds, all approve!


Capital gift:

  • got a keyboard (just over 1000, we spent 300 and department got the rest)
  • we could get a little laptop to do sound stuff for 300 (so says Steph)
  • Stephen has proposed that the department pay for the entire keyboard and we pay up to 500 (hopefully more like 400) for the laptop and they will cover the rest, hopefully still have a bit more money for yoga mats!
  • note from Sasha: put the mats somewhere safe so they are not stolen
  • this must be voted on at the next general meeting (or ratified)


Theatre Outing and Pub Night:

  • Cassandra will get some extra tickets
  • 3 more tickets will put us $5 over – this is voted as okay
  • pub night will be at the watermark there right after
  • will not admit latecomers, so be there before 8pm (spread the word…)


Larry Switzky:

  • talk about Michael Healey
  • Cassandra will contact Stephen to make this happen
  • perhaps on April 3rd


Professional Development

  • Cassandra’s instinct is to organize more
  • great variety of people
  • editing/marking (constructive criticism), how to be an artist/scholar, conferences/papers/contacts, getting out of grad school, other professions with PhD
  • let Cassandra if you have any ideas for panelists
  • Sasha offers to help



  • NYC was amazing
  • we might be taking on the responsibility of these trips
  • with this (as well as other responsibilities) we might want to add another position to the exec, or assigning this to a member (this is true for all jobs – divide them up to the exec at the beginning of the year)


End of Year Party!

  • Isabel went to No One Writes to the Colonel – College and Bathurst
    • nice and close to here
    • it is fine to reserve for people (we don’t have to book anything or pay…)
    • drink prices: no pitchers, pints/wine $5-6; happy hour at some point if we go at the right time
    • don’t do a lot of food, do cheese/meat platters – Isabel will look into the possibility of bringing our own food
    • reserve for 25ish
    • awards! one is serious (voted award with money) and others are silly
      • nominations and votes via email – organized by the past winners (Laura)
      • Laura will make an email that will last over the years as opposed to making a new one each year
      • we need a date – Isabel will check the weekend after Easter (ideally Friday the 13th or the dates around there) starting at 8pm
      • could offer a place and time to meet for dinner if people are interested (Kalendar, etc), post bar to Painted Lady perhaps?



  • Laura went to the last meeting during reading week – mostly discussing the strike
  • new agreement put forward about the strike
    • Grace might try to organize another meeting to discuss this and answer questions
    • at the very least she will send an email re: voting times, etc
    • unclear what will happen if this is not ratified


Advisory Committee

  • not much more information than with Stephen’s meeting re: merger – very positive response from everyone


Send flowers and a card to John Assington from our budget – agreed.


Sasha moves to adjourn, Isabel seconds, all approve!


General Meeting

January 27th, 2012


Attendance: Johanna Lawrie, Sasha Kovacs, Mark Rochford, Isabel Stowell-Kaplan, Grace Smith, Laura Lucci, Cassandra Silver, Noam Lior


Laura moves to wave quorum, Sasha seconds, all in favour!


Cassandra moves to approve agenda, Noam seconds, all in favour!


Minutes from September General Meeting

  • missing names, so we brainstorm who was there – they are added to Johanna’s copy of the list
  • Noam moves to approve the minutes as amended, Cassandra seconds, all in favour!


President’s Greeting – thanks Noam


Budget (Laura)

–         got some money, spent some money, we have some left

  • Bryden – we need to put out a call for people to apply
  • we didn’t spend much on Orientation, so a chunk of that budget is going to FOOT
  • Baby gift/card for Nikki?
  • maybe we should be spending more of our money? it seems we’re under budget for many things
    • also, Cassandra notes that we only need about $5000 to start an endowment, this might be a good place to put away our extra money
    • maybe the end of the year party can be a little larger
    • Noam notes that we often save up the extra money from a couple years of ‘capital gifts’ and bought the student lounge stuff, which was nice
    • Noam tells us of UCDP’s holiday party – Hart House Debates Room
    • lots of ideas for end of year party – Isabel is nominated captain
  • Laura suggests we strike the “concessions” line from the budget, as we don’t use it, everyone seems cool with this

Noam moves to approve the tresurer’s report, Cassandra seconds, all approve!


GSU (Grace)

  • strike is a possibility – there is a meeting January 30th 5-8pm at Innis Town Hall (this meeting promises lots of information and updates)
  • if there is a strike, how will this effect funding packages? – it doesn’t effect any work that is TAing or teaching based – these people will get strike pay (are there requirements to do to get this strike pay money?)
    • however, the university guarantees funding, so this is more complex
    • Grace will send an email about the meeting and funding issues
    • The issues/questions surrounding the government tuition grants – February 1st – Convocation Hall early afternoon – just search for this information
    • someone from the GSU trying to organize interdepartmental events at the graduate level – Grace has the email, and if we are interested we could contact them


Conference Initiative

  • Johanna will look into promoting these things, especially CATR
  • for PSI – talk to Isabel (“for English help”)


Capital Gift

  • Piano, Yoga Mats, Booth Laptop (though Stephen said he would buy that..)
  • piano would be more than 500, we should ask the department to pitch in because this is not just for the students, is also for the entire department (maybe the department could match our 500) – we should look into ‘gently used’ keyboards
    • write a letter to the department – Cassandra and Noam will send this off
    • talk to Art about this – Cassandra will approach him
    • Sasha will price yoga mats as well


Theatre Outing

  • Gabrielle has asked us to consider a performance affiliated with a Commedia conference
  • Wooster Group
  • Opera of sorts (Love From Afar Feb 2-23)
  • Entity at World Stage – cool dance/media Feb 28-March 3
    • WINNER
    • Cassandra will send email out about this
    • book tickets soon, as they might sell out – group rate (we can invite others if we don’t have enough to fill the group rate)



  • another pub night – March 1st – double up with Entity!
  • Christian Turn’d Turk – Noam needs another actor
  • FOOT! – starting Thursday
  • Professional Development – How to get published roundtable on Feb 7th
  • Website – think about what should be on there and what we can do with it
    • comps list and questions
    • Grace will make sure we are filling the gaps of the department website
    • schedules, photos


Cassandra moves to adjourn, Laura seconds, meeting adjourned!


Exec Meeting

January 12, 2012


In attendance: Isabel, Grace, Laura, Cassandra, Noam, Sasha, Mark, Johanna


Minutes – move to approve: Sasha, Laura seconds, all approve.


GSU updates – QP3902 bargaining still going on

  • has come to a halt, the University will get a mediator
  • there could be a lockout or strike eventually, but not getting there yet
  • meeting next Tuesday about all this – Grace will send an email to us and to Lou


Brechtfast – move forward with “Driving out a Devil’s Food Cake” (dessert theme)

  • reminder: Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 12-2pm – meet at 11am for set-up and such
  • invite UCDP too!
  • we will do an email list between us to see what everyone will bring
  • Grace will bring plates, napkins, dairy for coffee, etc. (though, check the cupboard first)


General Meeting – Cass presents a ‘hook’ idea: “beef and bouquet” session

  • also, bring some breakfast food like scones and such
  • reminder: Friday, January 27th, 2012 at 10am
  • for the meeting we should prepare a GSU report, capital gift conversation (we should come up with a short list) , general report of awesomeness, mention any upcoming events, minutes from last general meeting (Johanna and Noam), theatre outing (also, another short list to vote on..)


More Money to FOOT – generally agreed upon

  • understood that we would give them up to $500
  • would not be unreasonable to ask them for a budget/costing for our record
  • perhaps this should be examined if this should be permanently adjusted
  • this could be discussed at the FOOT postmortem
  • voted and everyone is in agreement!


Cass moves to adjourn, Laura seconds, complete!


Exec Meeting

October 24th, 2011, Seminar Room


Present: Grace, Laura, Isabel, Noam, Cassandra, Johanna

Missing: Sasha and Mark


Move to approve minutes: Noam, Isabel seconds, minutes approved


Brechtfast 2!

–  is set for a Friday next semester, but it turns out this is not a good date, so Lou suggests we move it to a Tuesday or Wednesday

–  we are hoping to invite the UCDP – Friday would be better for them…


Pub Night

–  tell everyone!

–  Artful Dogger (Yonge and Bloor-ish) – starting at 7pm

–  perhaps there will be clubbing after – this is something we are leaving in the capable hands of Sasha

–  looking ahead: next pub night! – Bedford Academy (close and seems nice!)


Meeting with Stephen

–  everything went well

–  talked about getting a laptop for the booth – he asked for a letter that he can pass along with this request

–  we still need to draft this

–  it seems like this would be possible once the conversation gets going

–  ideally, the department would just purchase this!

–  room bookings (from Grace: sometimes you can book the GSU gym and other places – Cass talked to Ruth and apparently we should just talk to her)

–  Cass suggests we create a subgroup for Space Booking/Searching – though this doesn’t have to take much time/work

–  put together 5ish free, reliable rehearsal spaces ( (?) GSU, UCDP, Hart House…)

–  Grace and we have volunteered Mark


General Meeting

–  either at the end of this semester or beginning of next

–  find someplace near a pub?



–  November 16th!

–  need another waffle maker – maybe Johanna!

–  we also need ingredients, then everyone can bring their own toppings

–  VerfremYUMMseffekt


Electronic Equipment/Stuff that we can use

(i.e., camera, stereo in student lounge and a fancier one in the reh room)

–  Noam will make a letter of “stuff that we can use!”



–  new proposal: split up the money amongst the departments and they can divide it up for themselves

–  need to ask at the meeting tonight: who proposed this?

–  what are the parameters that surround this?

–  Grace will look into this at the meeting tonight! It’s hard to have an opinion on this without more specific information – then she will email information/deadlines for further discussion


Theatre Outing

–  Isabel adds the Theatre Gargantua show (Imprints) – maybe we can go the same night as UCDP

–  we want to the Nov 15th Imprint show! (cheaper student night with $17 tickets) hopefully with UCDP

There are cookies present and we eat them.

Cass moves to adjourn, Noam seconds, meeting adjourned!


Exec Meeting

September 27th, 2011, Rehearsal Room


In attendance: Stephen, Isabel, Sasha, Cass, Grace, Noam, Laura, Mark


Stephen visits!

–  going forward with a change of name for the Drama Centre

–  this is a long and detailed process, this will change other things as well (degrees, website, letterhead, etc), even as a matter of recruitment and communication

–  curriculum review: ‘village hall meeting’

–  don’t want to change everything, want to talk about specific courses (example 5000/5001 (their relationship to each other), 1003, etc)

–  over time the curriculum starts to accumulate other tasks – need to discuss how they work and if these items are necessary

–  1 page document out to the students by Stephen

–  figure out when and where for the village meeting, doesn’t need to be on campus – Cass suggests that it is on campus, possibly Tuesday 1-3, Friday afternoon

–  1 page document contains reasons that we should even review the curriculum, this also includes some questions – questions such as “what are your needs?” are more pointed and perhaps more helpful to students (especially new students), however we want to avoid unproductive venting, perhaps useful to send these types of thoughts to Stephen so he can sift through them and get to the more production ideas and get the venting out of the way – Stephen argues students would rather do that in person

–  compare workload and courses to other departments and schools, gives perspective – perhaps this is research the exec can do

–  we are ‘aggressively interdisciplinary’ – Stephen

–  he will send another 1 page draft of the document to us, specifically interested in feedback on our needs (coming in and leaving) and workload – structure, pace, and workload

–  Cass suggests that last year’s MA students should come as well

–  Stephen will pick and book a date and place


Next order of business

–  Welcome!

–  Thanks to those who helped and/or attended orientation

–  Orienterrion: was fun and a great bonding experience; the information of the season was helpful and exciting – good!

–  it was great to split up the info day and the party night



3 (need 2 on each)

–  academic (how courses are put together, application process, twice a year-ish)

–  theatres (overseeing the season, looking at the present season and putting together next season, find some kind of criteria, meets most often – every two months-ish)

–  advisory (last year met twice regarding name change, how experiences of other departments could make our department better, meets twice a year-ish)

–  get messages regarding convening these meetings from Lou or Mark

–  President(s) should kind of be at as many as they can

–  Vice has to go to the GSU so doesn’t have to do these ones


ACADEMIC – Cass, Mark

THEATRES – Laura, Johanna

ADVISORY – Noam, Isobel, Sacha

GSU – Grace


Now..tell us about GSU

–  nothing super applicable to us, teaching us the rules of how the meetings work

–  head grant application due mid-October, Grace is working on that, then we’ll have money by October 24th (the next meeting), something like 2500, depends on previous year’s expenditures and our upcoming plans

–  doctoral completion grant: not much has happened, they are still working on it, now know we are concerned, the GSU is trying to get it back to “grant” status instead of the “award” status now – or maybe find a nice balance of both? or maybe lower post-residency fees?


Capital Gift

–  buying something nice for the students of the Drama Centre (i.e. digital video camera, student lounge, music system for rehearsal area and lobby – side note: we should check with Steph for the installation of the sound software from last year)

–  $500/year – get suggestions from everyone, but not things for the facility that the DC should pay for

–  Cass suggests we help fund FOOT

–  Isobel suggests mats (yoga mats or whatnot) for workshops and such

–  Sacha suggests a keyboard – but should this be something the DC should buy? Maybe something we can purchase together and share? – Art has been talking to Stephen, maybe we should see where this is at?

–  Laura suggests IQ something or other (lighting!), again maybe something we can get together with the DC – especially since it is 500-700 – talk to Paul about if perhaps he can buy it

–  Noam – amends Cass’ suggestion: something tangible for FOOT anniversary

–  Before we meet again (in a month) consult with various colleagues regarding their suggestions


Fall Social Calendar

–  Nikki planning a New York trip during Reading Week (Thurs-Sun, last weekend), at least a show a day, cheap accommodations, tell everyone about it, save your pennies! (you can probably do it for approximately 400 dollars), start the transportation convos now

–  Pub night – choose a pub – October 27th – perhaps this can be a two parter: pub then club?

–  Brecht-fast – November 16th 12-2 – potluck, sit down social event – waffles! Noam, Sasha and someone else(?) bring waffle irons – need a fun pun

–  another pub night and Brecht-fast in the Winter

–  Holiday party Friday December 2nd in the evening in the Lobby- have people make turkey, ham, potluck goodness – food drive – secret santa – decorations – dance party at the Gill?

–  movie night? – would this be better attended in the evening – poll your colleagues


Other business?

–  Maybe a Halloween Party – Sasha?!

–  UCDP – undergrad program (information from Noam)

–  lots of cool classes at Hart House (i.e. yoga, intro clown class, Sat Oct 1st 2-4 is a trial class for the clown)

–  work study positions at the UCDP, applications due this Friday! look at the website for more information

–  workshop or something with Theatre Gargantua

–  UCDP Monday night play reading and pizza party

–  Listserv – is it working properly? some people got it – remind classmates to subscribe


Cass moves to adjourn, Noam seconds, all approve!


General Meeting
April 4, 2011

In attendance:
Grace S., Steph B., Art B., Dalbir S., Sasha K., Cassandra S., Isabel S.-K., Noam L, Sarah B., Vojin V., Laura L.

Noam moves we waive quorum, Cassandra seconds, no one opposes, passes!

Sasha: thanks for a wonderful year! Sasha will no longer be president soon, very sad.

Vojin moves to approve the agenda, Steph seconds, Art provides emotional support; approved!

President’s report

  • Steph has organized the end of year party at the Savoy
    • There will be food!
    • It’s a new place, usually not too full
    • free DJ at the end of the night (DANCING!)
  • FOOT
    • Art, Heather – this is the only application that came in (Cassandra and Laura also involved)
      • Theatre and learning/education is the basic theme
      • maybe more funding from other departments
  • Saddlemeyer/Parker Award
    • congrats to the nominees!
  • Upcoming Town Hall
    • date not set yet by Stephen
      • will be after the craziness of the term is over
  • That’s it for this report!

Treasurer’s Report

  • we still have money! 1500 in bank account, but some more money will be coming in from some places
  • everything has been paid for FOOT
    • we’re still going to get a cheque in from the GSU for us
  • capital gift was bought and is coming together nicely
  • so, we’re very cost efficient, basically
  • Steph suggests maybe using the remaining capital gift money to buy a new keyboard, because the existing one is Stephen’s daughter’s
    • Art: it would cost more than the remaining money we have
    • we could roll our remaining money forward and leave ‘keyboard’ as a suggestion
  • approve this? Noam moves to prove, a bunch of people second, approved!

GSU Report

  • Gabrielle not here
  • Doctoral Completion Grant
    • Stephen talked to us about this at the last meeting
    • there is opposition to this change
      • we will draft a letter opposing the changes
      • Art: we could get some statistics to back this up about how long it generally takes PhD students to finish their dissertations
      • Cassandra: also, the whole ‘not lapsing’ thing
        • though this is a slightly different issue than the doctoral completion grant
      • Noam: maybe we should also have a town hall about this?
        • Or did Stephen want to integrate this into the already-planned town hall?
      • Steph: we’d also like to get some information on how the decision-making process occurred
      • SO, this letter we’re going to draft:
        • we should do it as a group
        • we should see what other departments are doing



  • Laura nominates Cassandra – she accepts
  • Sasha nominates Noam – he accepts


  • Sarah nominates Cassandra – rejects
  • Grace nominates Laura – accepts

Member at Large

  • Sasha nominates Art – accept
  • Sarah nominates Steph – reject
  • Grace nominates Isabel – accept


  • it’s Sasha!

Speeches by the nominees occur.

Vote for President

  • There is a tie: Noam and |Cassandra are elected co-presidents

Vote for Treasurer

  • Laura is elected Treasurer

Member at Large

  • Isabel is elected member at large

Capital Gift

  • sound software has been purchased
  • when do we want to hold these workshops
    • Sarah: in september, to train the new MA students
  • We also need to get the CD player for the rehearsal room
  • Journals; we’re going to get these from Professors that have subscriptions

Other Business

  • Cassandra: Stratford excursion in September
    • she will send out the details on prices and such
    • could this be our theatre outing? There is no reason it couldn’t!
      • We would ask next year’s exec to ratify this
  • Steph: UCDP meet-up; what up with this?
    • We’ll find out who their exec is for next year
  • Steph: Pitch session for the theatre season?
  • Any other business? No? Cool!

Steph moves to adjourn, Noam seconds, Sasha declares it adjourned! Meeting Adjourned!


Executive Meeting
February 9, 2011

In attendance: Noam, Cassandra, Steph, Sasha, Grace, Gabrielle

Sasha: thanks for the AGM and for FOOT

Approval of Agenda

  • clarification of certain items

Sarah has arrived now, full council is present.

Agenda approved!

Approval of Minutes from AGM meeting

  • Steph approves! (she took them)
  • Cassandra moves to approve, Noam seconds
  • all approve

New York trip is happening!


  • Cass: nothing has changed since January, except that the Christmas Turkey was paid for
  • we have not paid for FOOT yet
  • we had discussed giving more money for food
    • Noam said he talked to Lou and Dal and it was not necessary
    • we are giving him 900, but broken up into the 500 we normally give him and the 400 extra we agreed
    • he will also have a post-mortem soon, and should present what his budget was


  • we didn’t have anyone at the last meeting (Gabrielle had last minute conflict)
  • Gabrielle is still in the space management committee
    • Alex McLean is planning possibly using the GSU building for the Salon this term
  • that’s all for GSU report!


  • meeting was yesterday
  • central discussion centred on TPA hours system
    • the system will be changing RIGHT NOW
      • the MA should be getting an e-mail about this
      • changing to a ‘percent’ system rather than an hours system
    • what was done with all the info we sent to Lou?
      • Apparently everything is supposed to go through Bruce, so we hope he has those forms
    • acting will also count now (“performing”)
      • but you do have to diversify, you can’t do more than 60% in one area
    • Cass: how is this working for the PhDs?
      • Sasha: similarly , but with more hours… an e-mail should also be sent out for this, and probably will be soon
    • Sarah will tell the MA class that an e-nail will be sent out soon
  • Steph: some talk of colloquia, bringing those back, it looks like it may happen, but we’re not sure who will be focusing on this
    • perhaps next year colloquia will replace the Salons, and will happen more often but will be more informal
    • it is something that has worked in past years
      • the logistics would just need to be figured out
    • how would this work? Would people be presenting their research voluntarily?
      • Not discussed by the theatres committee yet
  • Connection with Toronto artists
    • talk-backs with students
    • Bruce is serving on an academic artistic committee at Factory, run by Iris Turncott, they are keen to foster a connection with universities
      • Iris hopes that this continues
    • Cass: we should talk to people in Sidnell’s class from now on, because many already had to see Eternal Hydra before the Feb 10th outing
    • we should mention this around the centre, see if there are any artists people particularly are interested in
      • we can perhaps expand past Factory if this model works
  • UCDP rep?
    • Steph: there is a lot going on at the UCDP; should we sit in on each other’s exec meetings or AGM
      • could we have a rep here or send a rep there?
      • We should talk to Tamara
      • some DC people have open invitations to regular meetings there, but we perhaps have not taken full advantage of it
      • Cass: perhaps once a year or semester, both execs meet?
        • Steph will e-mail Tamara and look into this
      • they tend to have really great artists there
  • New Custom
    • Noam: similar issues to Ovid, but no problems are insurmountable. Lack of producer set up for this show (there was a production structure last year, so Noam assumed there was going to be for this)
      • Sasha: NC was not included in the early year season list
      • do people still need hours?
        • Sarah: everyone, with a few exceptions, has hours left
        • Noam: jobs left – producer, asm, dramaturge, but a lot of the work left will be done by Paul’s crew
      • gap in communication between dramaturgy class and the shows
        • Bruce had planned the class around not really having full shows, but then there was Ovid and New Custom
      • last year, the productions were better integrated into the classwork of the MA class, so people were prepped to be involved
        • this year, the productions feel very disconnected from the department
  • Theatre Outing
    • Eternal Hydra – is this our official theatre outing?
      • We say no, because most of Sidnell’s class already saw it
    • Sarah: Sidnell’s class discussed earlier today some other shows everyone is interested in
      • Sasha and Steph will still look into another theatre outing
    • we should have a large calendar to put show runs
      • we could put up monthly lists and put them up by the calendar
      • Gabrielle: or we could just put up pamphlets of all the major companies
      • Steph wouldn’t mind doing up monthly lists
      • however, we are not going to plan outings for all of these things for people – we will keep it to one per semester


  • we are going to buy sound software and we are going to get a subscription to a journal
  • and a CD player for the rehearsal room
    • Sasha will source CD player prices
    • Steph: sound software
      • Reeper(sp?) – the pro version is $150, the non-commercial version is $40 – this software is for building sounds
      • another program is a cue-player, it is around $45
      • Steph will learn them and be able to teach them
  • Journals
    • Gabrielle: the DC might already be institutional members of these places that publish journals, but for some reason the copies are not here
      • we need to find this out before we subscribe
      • we need to find out how to make sure they’d be delivered
      • where would they be kept?
        • We could put up the issues up for grabs after a bit


  • it’s too soon, let’s move it
  • maybe Wednesday March 2nd? After Sidnell’s class?
    • Start it at noon, so everyone after the class will stay
  • shall we invite the UCDP?
  • Do we have a budget for this?
    • $75?
      • we will purchase the sandwich fixings
        • people can bring sides
      • The Good Picnic of Sezuan!


  • Java House
  • Vojin’s movie is showing here that afternoon
  • also, New Custom dress rehearsal that night, but whatevs
  • Sasha will phone Java House


  • for person who makes the biggest contributions to the DC that year
  • person who won last year (Sasha) sends out the e-mail of explanation and asks for nominations
  • 2 rounds: nominations and then votes


  • put out a call for artistic director for next year’s FOOT
  • should be more communication between each year’s Ads
  • there should be some document of info the pass onto the next one
  • we should e-mail past ADs
  • at the next meeting, we will decide on which questions to ask them
  • we can begin assembling a binder
  • if any of us think of helpful questions to ask past ADs, send to Gabrielle
  • also, we should connect the post-mortem to this FOOT Call


  • nah


  • we have decided on March 9th, at 1:00pm



General Meeting
January 18, 2011

Nikki says that she’s going to NYC – an AD HOC trip! Feb 24 – 27th

She’s offering the possibility of us accompanying her. We should go! Wouldn’t that be neat?

Going to see a Wooster Group show, a show at LaMama, and a third at PS 122 (the details of which are not with her)

Tickets for 3 shows = $100

Travel rates are escalating rapidly, but the goal is under $500 total

She can’t promise us a swanky hotel

YES or NO by Friday – we must ACT FAST

DEPOSIT for Monday! About $90… possibly less.

Contemplating hotel/travel group rates

THERE IS SO MUCH GOOD STUFF IN NEW YORK she says. And she’s right.

Robyn asked about bus prices.

Cassandra asked about additional details on payment schedule for the other activities.

Nikki can’t estimate rates until we know group size. Nikki asked for interested “hands” – we have 11 people keen. Wooooot!

Email her by Friday. Sasha will email everyone with Nikki’s contact info.

Alysse asked what the sched for the plays is – Thurs/Fri/Sat


We all say YAY!

Alysse moves to waive quorum. Sarah seconds.

Sasha starts the meeting.

Motion to approve minutes from September Meeting – Noam moves! Cassandra seconds!

Alysse moves to approve AGM agenda.

Cassandra stands up, and gets ready to present the budget. She apologizes for the innate tedium of numbers.

We have money! She says. Positive.

All revenues are likely in. We will likely have a surplus.

Orientation expenses exceeded budget, but it was great, so we were glad.

We’ve made up the difference by under-spending elsewhere.

Any questions on budget? NO!

Noam moves approve budget, Sarah seconds. We are in favour.

Sasha declares the budget approved.



Gabrielle presents the GSU report.

Addresses concerns about billeting in the GSU gym (etc.) as the reason for the institution of the GSU building committee. The gym in the building is available for rental FOR FREE.

GSU is promoting winter events – Gabrielle has posted a board in the foyer.

Justin stands to speak about the DOCTORAL COMPLETION GRANT.

University of Toronto has changed policy for funding. Currently, we are funded for 4.5 years. Change: formerly, a small grant for those who exceeded time limit was given to just about everyone.

The new plan, the doctoral completion award, is full tuition + 10000 stipend, but is awarded through a COMPETITIVE process. Winning is contingent on the reason for extension being ACADEMIC, not personal. Justin explains the circumstances he used on his application (limited access to archives/archive closures).

Formerly, you would have to complete 6 years, at which point you would lapse.

If you begin in 2010, you have four years beyond your funded years to continue working, but you must pay half of domestic tuition. There is now a ten year cap on completion.



Sasha hops up to discuss capital gift. This is $500 allotted for departmental improvement (not infrastructural).

Suggestions: sound software, rehearsal room improvements, subscription to a journal.

Stephen made the suggestion of a keyboard, since we’ve been borrowing Stephen’s daughter’s instrument.

Alysse asks for explanation of sound software. Steph explains.

Robyn asks for clarification on “rehearsal room improvements” – Sasha explains the difficulty of improving the floor, getting sound equipment, yoga mats, there has been discussion of getting bookshelves.

Sarah thinks the best solution would be blacks around the walls, Kelsey commented on the detritus around the room in general. Laura feels that it looks like a hobo inhabits it.

Alysse suggested that we buy some giant Tupperware tubs and then we’ll label and store them according to use and owner.

Noam suggests we continue putting pressure on the administration to install curtains.

Sasha moves that we strike this from the capital gift conversation, and that she discuss it as an infrastructural change with the department.

Cassandra moves for sound software and journal.

Steph says sound suite and player could be $200. Alysse says we should do all 3.

Sarah moves for sound software, CD player for rehearsal room and journal.

We all agree!

Many people leave for class.


Sasha spoke to Stephen about concerns with hour allotment. There is currently supposed to be a midterm review.

A TPA committee has been formed – all faculty. They will conduct the review.

Isabel recommends that a student be on the committee, in a limited capacity – that they leave after 40 minutes or so.

Justin suggests that student participation may not be as crucial as we’re saying.

Sarah counters that it’s important to have student membership even if it’s “symbolic”.

Sash outlines the student members of committees – the names are posted online.



  • Noam asks Dal to speak about FOOT 2011. Kelsey is his publicist.
  • Noam is directing the PLS show – New Custom – on March 10 – 12th, 2011 in the Glen Morris. Auditions coming up. Also assistant director and dramaturges needed.
  • Collaboration with other departments – there is a pot of money available through the GSU for collaborative ventures. Information can be found on the GSU website.
  • Sasha talks about student work outside the centre: the DC has been petitioned for audience members, so she’s posted a board in the foyer on which students can alert each other to upcoming shows and hopefully ad hoc groups can form. Support alumni and their shows! Noam points out that there is an alumni page, and it would be great if we could post current work on it. There is some difficulty in updating the website.
  • Brechtfast on Feb 15th, Pub night on March 9th at Java House, Movie night
  • Steph talks about Theatre Outing. Art suggests a movie.


Executive Meeting
January 10, 2011

In attendance:
Sasha K, Sarah B., Grace S., Cassandra S., Noam L., Gabrielle H.

Looking at the agenda

some have mentioned there is other business

Gabrielle: the newly formed GSU space management committee

  • it exists now
  • Gabrielle attended first meeting, but would rather someone else attend further meetings

Steph arrives: 2:35

Sasha has bangs

All in attendance now

Cassandra: potential for a trip to New York

Approval agenda

Noam moves

Gab seconds

Agenda approved

Grace needs to get the website updated – it says the last meeting was in September, which it was not

  • we will digitally approve the last meeting’s minutes (everyone in favour of this)
  1. Congrats on December Party! It will excellent, all enjoyed.
    1. All the food from it was eaten
    2. thanks to Justin for the turkey
    3. we need to pay Lou for the turkey, as she reimbursed Justin for it
    4. Cassandra will take care of that
    5. feedback: Bruce wanted louder music. Dancing is a necessity for the end of year party
    6. clean-up was fine.
  1. Theatre outing co-ordination
    1. should we not have a vote, and just choose instead?
      1. There is no stipulation that we have to have a vote on this in the constitution
    2. also, we should encourage people to go to “Love, Sex, Money”
    3. pitch our ideas to Sasha by the end of the week for what show we can see
    4. then we will vote, and send the show we have picked to the student body
    5. CanStage is probably open to student discounts for groups, we think
    6. we will make our decision by Jan 17th, announced at the AGM
    7. if the students do not like not getting to vote on this, we can change the system back for the next theatre outing
  1. pub night – March 18th
    1. this is the day after st. paddy’s day
    2. let’s change it
    3. March 10th, instead! All agree on this
    4. let us pick very well in advance the place
    5. Cass suggests Java House, because it is cheap and it is different from Pauper’s
    6. all agree on Java House, March 10th
    7. if everyone else gets a better idea for the location, let Sash. Know
    8. we should look into seeing a show first, because there are many theatres near the Java House

Gab. Returns to previous business, to suggest an Artaud show staged by Michelle Smith at the Toronto French Theatre

Sasha: ask at the AGM to bring shows they are doing to the attention of the Exec so we can encourage others to see them

  1. AGM
    1. what do we need to discuss?
    2. We need to do a treasurer’s report
    3. Sasha needs to send out the minutes for the last GSU exec meeting
      1. doctoral completion grant award – questions about what constitutes ‘academic reasons’
        1. we could alert students to this
      2. Gab. Will do a report on the AGM of what is going on with the GSU council
    4. Cass. Will bring handouts – 30 copies should be fine
    5. Noam: we should bring the last AGM minutes
      1. Grace will copy these for the students
    6. Steph: we should ask people to think about the upcoming theatre season, think of ideas
    7. Cass and Noam: we should have timbits
    8. Noam would like to do a presentation on the PLS show
    9. Cass: anyone with an upcoming show should attend and tell everyone about it
    10. Dalbir should come and talk about FOOT

Other Business:

Capital Gift:

  • have we decided?
  • $500
  • Sasha has talked to Lou and Tamara about the rehearsal room
    • mirrors, curtains → would be expensive
  • maybe the curtains being taken out of the Gill could go in the rehearsal room?
    • Sasha will ask Stephen, and we could also talk about it at the AGM
  • IDEAS:
    • Player Software – 200ish
    • Rehearsal room – curtains
      • we could a book sale to get rid of all the extra books in there, or get bookshelves for the lobby or conference room
    • subscriptions to journals (we would have to talk about maintenance and storage)
    • bookshelves
    • mats or sprung floor
    • sound system/player for lobby (what kind would we get, a CD player or a dock with speakers? Probably an all-in-one)
  • Are we going to vote on the Capital Gift ideas at the AGM?
  • Gab: that fund from the GSU, a grant to get something or fund a project that would be for the DC but would have to benefit other departments
    • that would be for the sound system
    • talk to Peter Freund at the UCDP
    • Stephen will look into this for the sound system

Gab: where is the best time to talk to the TPA hours?

    • Sarah: if it is open at the AGM, it might get out of hand
    • we should get the general temperature of the feelings of the student body, and then we as the exec can develop a platform that we can present to Stephen
    • to avoid a bitch-fest, perhaps we can just ask for ways to improve it.
    • We need to moderate the discussion.
    • Sarah suggests a point system rather than an hour system, so there isn’t the disconnect between hours credited to the project and the actual hours it takes
    • we should also set a time-limit for the discussion – Grace will keep track of time

Sasha: there have been no post-mortems yet this year, what’s up with that?

  • why haven’t these happened?

What is going on with the TPA reports? What happens to those, what do they affect?

Steph: possible re-organization of the Theatres Committee, is anything happening with this? This has been mentioned in the past, possible by Stephen. We’re not sure.

Sarah: How often does the Theatres Committee meet?

Sash: it has been suggested that there should be a pitch session for the Theatres Committee.

Steph and Cass: theatres committee rep should be in contact with the incoming students in the summer, get things more settled, more communication.

Gab: the reluctance of the post-mortem meetings might be due to the fact that, a few years ago, these meetings got quite volatile

Sasha: will talk to Stephen about the post-mortems

Sarah: suggests that the info from the TPA reports should be made public

  • not giving out names, but in order to show how many hours things take versus how much time has been allotted for them
  • we just want to know that SOMETHING is being done with the information
  • maybe one student’s TPA position should be just keeping track of these?
    • It creates an uneasy situation of telling on your fellow students
    • this person would need to just be the book-keeper, and then someone in the admin needs to be really backing them up
  • there is no official UofT system to deal with this
  • Noam: the way CUPE has it is to have TAs meet with a supervisor frequently to discuss not being overworked and their hours
  • Sarah: even if there are no official consequences, just being told you’re not pulling your weight would be effective in order to get students to do more hours
  • Sasha will talk to Stephen
  • Steph: if we can look at the TPA reports, maybe the exec can look at that or someone can, and then we can try and decide HOW MANY shows are an appropriate for the DC to put on
    • this should not be arbitrarily decided, but should correspond to the amount of students and to the previous season, the TPA reports from the previous year
  • Sasha: we also really need to bring back the port-mortems to make sure people are getting their proper hours of credit
  • we also need to, if we are keeping better track of hours, make sure there are enough projects (otherwise, the last project will not have enough people)

What else should be told to Stephen?

  • in his e-mail about next season
    • reiterate past projects that have been successful
    • it can be anything, but be specific
    • maybe pitch session?

GSU space Committee

  • we were not aware that it was a committee
  • we thought it was a one-time meeting
  • the GSU building could be better used during the day – thus, the creation of this committee
  • billetting
    • this should be a more transparent process, e-mails should be sent out
    • what is the process of this? Is there any risk-management? Deposit?
  • Do we want a rep on this committee?
    • It might benefit us that the space is available during the day often
      • we could mention this at the AGM
  • we can ask around to see if anyone from the DC wants to sit on this committee.

Cass: Trip to New York

  • Nikki is organizing a trip to New York in May for the undergrads
  • possibility that we could go in February
  • Nikki would look into grants for funding
  • sometime over reading (3rd week of February)
  • Nikki could, if she decides to do this, present about this at the AGM
    • we shall invite her to the meeting, Cassandra will do this (and if Nikki can’t make it, Cass will present on her behalf)

meeting adjourned


Executive Meeting
December 6, 2010

1.Approval of minutes, noam moves, sarah seconds – unanimously approved.
2.President’s report: sorry about rescheduling the meeting at the last minute, thanks for being so accommodating all.  She met with Tamara, discussed a lot of things, including: rehearsal room condition capital gift investment, Tamara says we can do whatever we want to the room (we could either have booksale or move books onto bookshelves in lobby, Lou wonders why we would do that – should we bring this up at the general meeting to gauge student interest); they talked about drama centre policy regarding use of rehearsal space (the policy is that if it relates to your academic work, you can use rehearsal space, and so it ends up being about Lou deciding if it counts – we trust her judgement – but some students would like a more transparent policy…  Gabrielle suggests that we meet with Lou to establish the policy, the rules, the way to do it, so that we can make the process quite clear – also, how does this fit in with the call that Stephen puts out once a year for student-produced work…  Sasha talked to Tamara about all this; Tamara also said that there was some concern about the evaluation of the hour system, Tamara said that it is the students who are their own policing system – Sasha suggested that there should be some accountability or responsibility (Lou and Bruce have both implied to Sarah that there is a piece of paper that Lou uses to track hours), Tamara suggests that maybe we could have a board on which all students’ hours are presented and tracked publicly (Noam adds that the UCDP has the same board)…  Sarah asks how to implement this board asap…  Sasha says that talking to Tamara is the way to make this happen.  This remains an unresolved issue.  Noam: there is clearly a miscommunication about what is and wants to be done.  Gabrielle: who should we discuss this with?  Tamara, Stephen, Bruce & Lou?  Gab. Suggests that we bring a pre-prepared idea. Noam: careful – we don’t want to present ourselves are creating DC policy because it can be ineffective way of dealing with Lou and Bruce. Approach: concerns have been raised about a miscommunication….  Can we get together to draft a proposal about how to address this? Meet with many people for sanity!       Also: Sasha talked to Tamara about the lack of updating in the website – this is about the culture of the DC, the community, is (not being) reflected via the website – we need to acknowledge people’s efforts.  Who is responsible for the website?  (How does this relate to the “secret” student work website?)  What’s missing from the website – the thesis completion grant award, the season, the residencies, what’s on.  It’s also about the reputation of the institution.  The Stephen website is also supposed to be for us to promote ourselves, CVs and good stuff.

  • Confusion about student practical hours – TPA
  • Board for logging hours? Who administers it?
  • Should student lead on every show be responsible for co-ordinating hours? Who oversees them and transmits information? To whom do they report?
  • Tamara recommending that planning for the TPA hours in the summer preceding the year, with the incoming students meeting with Bruce to discuss their interest for the coming year.
  • Cassandra explains that certain first year PhDs object to the hours contravening the nature of “making art” and “building shows”
  • What about post-mortems? They need to happen for sake of improvement.
  • Students have felt the hour system doesn’t adequately reflect the work input to given projects – how do we balance it while getting all jobs done (Noam agrees with this, to a point). Sasha finds it problematic, but thinks the money-for-hours model reflects the professional paid-rehearsal system. Students must construct boundaries for keeping themselves from over-committing.
  • There needs to be a continuum between a “bad” job (in terms of hours) and a great one (in terms of hours)
  • Needs to be extreme clarity from the leads on the project – Gabrielle had a good experience on this count. REALISTIC GOALS and EXPECTATIONS.
  • If the DC is producing a show, the creative expectations and hour requirements need to be determined WELL in advance
  • the DC needs to function as a union body in advance planning
  • What’s our policy on the theatre season? Do we plan the season or is it ad hoc?
  • Noam felt having the first year PhDs acting as producers last year worked – they advocated for the student performers and technicians. “One of assumptions underlying this system is that every student will be their own advocate.”
  • Open session for the theatres committee: a “pitch” session a la Magnetic North – force collaboration and distribute hours
  • Modeled on prof. Festivals
  1. Treasurer’s Report – Cassandra
  • We’re doing OK! See budget.
  • Theatre Outing – $180 spent, extra cash from budget to Xmas party
  • Xmas Party: can everyone come for 5PM?
  • We will all get some hilarious music HOLIDAY FUN! Make it computer read-able.
  • Everyone is bringing desserts – DON’T BRING A DESSERT!
  • Who wanna cooka turkeya?
  • Mark is leaving – Steph will make masks of Mark’s face, which we can all wear
  • FUNNY HOLIDAY STORY, songs, and raffle items for EVERYONE
  • Steph may bring her hats!
  • Toys, food drive food and money go to charity (Blue Hills)

4 – 6. Reflections on Movie/Night/Pub Night

  • Low numbers – do we want to change the approach?
  • Possibly an Events Committee? Planned at Orientation?
  • Do we pare down events?
  • Do we just roll with whatever the year throws our way?
  • For next semester: pick theatre outing selection in January and remind in Feb., go in March
  • In future: 1. Choose earlier, 2.Be a Tyrant in selection 3. Remind like crazy

7. Gabrielle sent out GSU Report

  • Alex’s letter about the GSU pub being for student use was finally responded to
  1. Noam’s Birthday Party:
  • Foods we still require:
  • Steph will make a salad and bring a veggie main dish
  • A HAM!
  • Veggies: roasted vegetables
  1. Next Meeting Time: before the holiday party on Friday.


Executive Meeting
October 26th, 2010

In Attendance: Sasha Kovacs, Cassandra Silver, Grace Smith, Noam Lior, Gabrielle Houle

Agenda passed out

Cassandra wants to organize a trip to Avignon and Athens for some people from the DC

  • how?
  • Would cost 3500 a peson, Cassandra has determined, for travel and some tickets
  • Cassandra will also want to organize internal fundraising.
  • Want to make this possible for July 2011, or failing that, July 2012
  • Cassandra is also having preliminary itinerary put together
  • Cassandra suggests a Calendar fund-raising sort of thing
  • Gabrielle suggests communicating with a post-secondary institution around Avignon
  • That might involve a sort of exchange thing, though…
  • Sasha suggests Cassandra talk to Pia, who frequently is able to get money for these sorts of trips

Still missing: Sarah and Steph. Sarah is being texted.

Sarah is here now.

Thank you to everyone for Mother Porridge: great job.

GSU report – Gabrielle

  • did everyone recieve it? Yes!
  • Of special important: some money things
  • First: representative of each union/department to the CUPE3209 meetings. People just don’t go. Now, there is a financial incentive. If we send one representative, 200 dollars is given to the department. PhD students will always at some point be under that union (either as teacher or TA), so would be good to have eyes and ears there.
  • Cassandra: how often do they meet?
  • Gabrielle: I think not frequently.
  • Who can do this? Sasha and Noam both say they can possibly.
  • Would be useful to get information about this.
  • Noam will go.
  • Gabrielle will forward contact information to Noam.
  • Second: there is a fund, used to be used for a journal for the GSU, now discontinued, but they still have the funds. What should this money be used for? A debate when on about this. There is a student project fund possible that any department can apply for, History of Science department has done this (part of Vaudevilles last year). It must be beneficial not only to our students, but to other graduate students.
  • Suggestion: Sound equipment, if we offer to do tutorials and workshops with Music and other students. We would pay one our graduate students to teach such a workshop. Plus, many other graduate units book our space, so it is beneficial in that way as well, we think?
  • It is not very clear how to apply, but sometime in the fall the call for that fund will be out. We shall look out for that.

Sasha will ask Steph about the theatre outing, as it has not been organized yet.

  • Gabrielle suggests Studies in Motion
  • fridolinades(sp?)
  • more Lepage?

Gabrielle suggests more encouragement of students to patronize our fellow student’s work
how to do this? Everyone on a student budget
how can the Exec help with this?

Movie Night

  • November 18th
  • what movie?
  • Theatre-related?
  • Comedy? Drama?
  • Everyone think about it, and e-mail in suggestions
  • students will then vote
  • We will each pitch one movie

Pub Night

  • November 25th
  • suggestions for location?
  • Sarah suggests Pauper’s
  • Cassandra also some place on Queen West, she will find out the name and e-mail us
  • Sasha will phone and set things up

Capital Gift

  • we can’t talk about pricing, as Steph is not here
  • Cassandra asks about the printer in the student office; doesn’t work because the department won’t buy ink
  • Let’s think about donating some money towards ink, and then have an honour system jar that people put money in when they print something
  • Gabrielle may also bring in her printer that she does not use
  • Try to discourage people from printing readings: only last minute emergency printing
  • Sarah is very gung-ho for the new sound-system
  • Gabrielle suggests subscribing to certain journals for the department
  • Where would we keep the older copies? Storage?
  • If people don’t use it/like it, we can cancel the subscription
  • Which journals should we choose? People should find names
  • Some outside North American, maybe?

FOOT Funding

  • Dalbir has written us a letter and a budget for any extra money
  • We have to vote on it
  • Sasha: people who are coming to the festival have not been set yet. Amount of equity performers is still up in the air.
  • We are pretty on-board with the 400 Valerie Mason-John, plus our normal 500 donation
  • What we are voting on: Motion to give the Festival an extra 400 in addition to our normal 500 contribution stipulated in the constitution, in support of travel for Valerie.
  • Noam second.
  • Vote occurs. Motion passes.
  • Sasha or Noam will tell him.
  • Should we say that if he wanted to propose other spending ventures, he can send us another budget? Yes.
  • We will both tell Dalbir in person, and e-mail him to have a record of it.

We should have a treasurer’s report, to know how much else we could spend if other things are proposed.

  • did not happen at the beginning of the year
  • Cassandra will e-mail it out to everyone, and discuss it at the next meeting
  • We will also post it with the minutes, as it is supposed to be public

Sasha’s addition to the agenda

  • MA students got kicked out of the GSU meeting for not ordering anything
  • Alex McLean wrote a letter to the GSU Executives. He was replied to by Lindsay Feddes(sp?), who said she would look into. No one has gotten back to him. Alex is perturbed by this.
  • Gabrielle will try to address this at the GSU meeting by seeking out Lindsay Feddes

Noam has a question about Salon’s and the concessions

  • Exec always loses money
  • Sarah says people will bring baked goods to the Salons, this was decided
  • Sasha suggests concessions at Ovid
  • also, shows have to have intermissions for concession stands to make money, and our shows never have intermissions

Meeting Adjourned!


Executive Meeting
September 28, 2010

In Attendance: Steph Bernston, Cassandra Silver, Sarah B, Sasha Kovacs, Noam Lior, Gabrielle Houle, Grace Smith

1. Discussion of orientation
it went well
larger budget this year than in past years, but this is okay.

2. duties of treasurer are being transferred to Cassandra

3. grant update from Gabrielle
got contact info from everyone for this application
deadline Oct 13

4. FOOT budget
discussion of last year’s budget
discussion of budget for this year
Dalbir has some grand ideas for FOOT (staged readings, artists to come in from Winnipeg and other places, flying people in), wants to know about honorariums for these artists
we should ask ADs before Mel about what they did for invited artists (Justin and Amanda)
Cassandra will check on cheques written two years previous to see if they spent money on invited artists
Question: do we write FOOT individual cheques, or do they have a specific account? Check on this
Sasha: Will we support giving honorariums?
Steph thinks this is a good idea, will make conference better
Sasha illuminates us on how the FOOT application and funding works (where they can get money from: from Exec, GSU grant, can request it from other applicable departments)
How has this worked in the past?
Noam: we just sign them a standard budget. Do we want to create a precedent of the Exec having a hand in how the FOOT money is spent?
Sarah: we can perhaps just have a say if he wants EXTRA money?
Steph: we should have a conversation with Dalbir about this
Sasha: exec policy for FOOT so we know what the budget is, rather than just handing over money. It is important to know what they are doing with the Exec’s money before we hand it over. This will help us to spend the money to make the conference better, rather than being overly economical.
Sarah: We should not have dictate how they should spend the money, but they should have to hand us a list of how they are going to spend the money.
Steph: We should plan ahead more for future FOOT’s, maybe Dalbir can make a transition document, a list of suggestions for spending money for future people that are running FOOT
Steph: we should keep it casual
Noam proposes making a document for FOOT for the Exec, for how the Exec will deal with it. Is uneasy about changing the cart-blanche giving of 500 dollars. Also, who accounts for how this money WAS spent? Where is the accountability, who goes over the books for FOOT after it is done?
FOOT director should have two plans: $500 dollar economical plan, and ‘dream’ plan of what they WOULD do if they got more
Sarah: Let us, right now, decide what to do this year.
Gabrielle: Ask Dalbir for a list of what he wants to do with extra money.
Sarah: proposes by end of the week deadline for this list.
Sasha: we will discuss this at the next Exec meeting.
Consensus: FOOT will be exciting. Feb 4-6
Sarah: when can we decide what to do with future FOOTs?
Cassandra proposes doing it at a port-mortem for FOOT
Gabrielle: perhaps guide to FOOT for future people who run FOOT, with testimonies from past directors of the festival
Sarah: we should ask Dalbir to keep good track of how he does things this year
we should use the FOOT part of the website more fully
Sasha will send Dalbir an email about this

5. Capital Gift
Steph’s suggestion: audio system for the DC, for either theatre
Sasha: list of things that people want would be good
Steph: right now, one has to bring their own laptop to run digital sound from the booth. This is lame.
Sasha: we have $500-1000 for this
Noam: yearly, we spend 500, that is the traditional amount
Sarah: what sound stuff could we get for that money?
Steph: we’d need a laptop, a basic one, which is at least 500, then 500 for Isadora program.
Gabrielle: incoming students may know how to use this
Steph will look into this, volunteers to teach students how to use it in the future
Sasha: Shelley suggested improvements to the rehearsal room
Sasha: we should not be spending money on infrastructural things, this is the department’s job
but everyone agrees the rehearsal room sucks. Perhaps some blacks, something to cover the windows, lighing changes
Sasha can talk to Tamara about it
Sasha will also talk to Seika about possible flooring for the rehearsal room
suggestions so far: revitalize rehearsal room, new sound system
what do we do with these ideas?
We need to take these to Tamara
Noam: it needs to be voted on by the students, but has not really followed this procedure in the past
Noam: we should send an email out to the listserv asking for suggestions
Sasha: we should go to Tamara with complaints about the rehearsal room, say people are upset about it, ask what we can do to help as the Exec.
Plans: email about to listserv, Sasha will talk to Tamara about rehearsal room
Steph will source pricing about the sound system

6. Brecht-fast
October 6th
What should we do?
Sasha: has asked Astington for feedback on pat Colloquia. Asked stephen and sidnell to appear, but they are busy
maybe this is a bad time of year, this should be purely social
Steph: Mother Porridge and her Children?
Noam: we should have a long table, and everyone should go around the table and talk about their research, this could be helpful for MAs to hear what all the PhDs are studying
Sasha: we should have a face-board, will bring a digital camera
Sarah: we should have name-tags
Steph: has a photo printer, we will reimburse her for printing the pictures
Sarah: Food?
Oatmeal w/toppings, biscuits, tea and coffee
Sarah: we should have people volunteer for specific toppings
we make a list
we will bring oatmeal, brown sugar, cinnamon, milk/cream, bowls, spoons, cauldron
This will be at 1pm
other students will bring fruit
Cassandra will bring hotpot, Grace will help her carry it
we will meet at 11:30
Steph will bring cheese
Sasha: brown sugar, cinnamon, bowls
Grace: will bring fruit
everyone keep their receipts

7. Other business
Sasha has emailed Nancy, the donation is being done but the cheque is still coming
Aida’s father has passed away, in the past we have given a gift or flowers, we should send a card and a gift
Steph will ask Aida for possible ideas on what she would like
Sasha will get a card, we will sign it and mail it to her, or Steph will bring it to her

8. Sasha just remember some more Other Business: Fall theatre outting!
Noam: Pia is hooking up some cheap tickets to a Robert Lepage thing at CanStage, $24 for Friday, October 22nd 10 tickets, Monday October 25th – she can get many, many tickets
Steph will take this on, will present the students with some options, top 5 choices, students vote, and then once the thing is chosen the students RSVP and that will determine how much students much each pay
the anderson project (robert lepage thing) should be on the list of choices or a separate thing?
It will be separate
Noam will organize the Anderson Project, will check with Tamara
Steph: what is our goal in terms of the date of this?

Next meeting date, post-brechfast
October 26th


General Meeting
September 14, 2010
Acting Secretary for this meeting: Laura Lucci

In Attendance: Noam Lior, Sasha Kovacs, Steph Berston, Laura Lucci, Grace Smith, Sean Roberston-Palmer, Art Babayants, Gabrielle Houle, Isabel Stowell-Kaplan, Heather Fitzsimmons-Frey, Cassandra Silver, Sarah Bruckschwaiger

1:02 PM Steph and Sasha explain the nature of the student list
Noted the upcoming town meeting re: the consolidation of programs under the School of Arts and Letters
1:04 Steph noted that she ate 3 croissants for breakfast.
1:05 Sasha motions to start, Steph seconds
Sasha motions to alter agenda re: the capital gift
Who Seconds?
Motion Passes
1:06 Noam moves to approve the agenda,
Sasha seconds,
the motion passes
1:07 Noam goes over procedure re: motions, seconds
1:08 Sasha moves to approve the March meeting minutes.
1:09 Noam motions to amend the March meeting minutes re: incomplete election information
Sasha is present
Noam is ex-officio
Steph is Member at large
Steph seconds the motion, which passes
1:10 Noam move that the minutes are approved as amended
Seconded by Cassandra
Motion passes
1:11 Treasurer’s Report
The treasurer’s report is tabled until the next meeting (noted by Heather)
1:13 The President’s Report
Thanks for a great orientation
Next event: Fall Brecht-fast, Oct 6th 2010
F.O.O.T CFP and Performance deadline submission is Sept 20th
Info on the DCSU website
Theatre season 2010/2011
The majority of the season is student generated
1 student exec member will be on the Salon committee
Salon information is included in the TPA handouts
Reiteration of the TPA positions in relation to the salons

Clarification on the nature of the Salons as independent work
The work may not be whole separate from coursework
Drama 5000 Labs in the Fall term and PBR work in the Spring
Isabel asks about how to record or submit extra hours
Sasha notes that the smaller project (e.g. lighting hangs) will be negotiated, but that larger projects and expectations of availability should be coordinated with all concerned parties
Noam reminds us there is usually more work than we expect and it takes more time that that which is allotted.
Sarah asks about the format of the Salons
Sasha notes that the triumvirate of production leaders will determine the format and curate the works. \
Steph asks about the nature of the salons as the culmination of informal meetings. Sasha suggests that the events have moved away from that format.
1:31 TPA Positions
Email Lou regarding TPA preferences .
The deadline is Sept 17th.
Sarah raises the question if the assignment of TPAs is of a competitive nature.
The role of the professors/supervisors in selecting the TPAs is discussed as is the necessity to note why you are pursuing a particular TPA.
If there are probles re: the TPA, contact the Student Exec.
Sasha notes the Passing of Professor Copeland’s partner and a donation to the Ian Anderson House (the hospice facility) in the name of her Partner Lawrence.
Sasha proposes a donation of $100
Laura Lucci Seconds the motion
All in favor- motion passes
1:39 Elections
Sasha goes over the open positions and the nature of the roles
Member at Large
Vice President
Noam discusses the role of the Exec on the Advisory Committee, the Academic Committee (Comps List is very white and male – not cool), and the Theatres and Events Committee.
People can nominate themselves
Gabrielle nominates herself
Art seconds
Cassandra nominated self, Grace seconds
Laura nominates Grace
Isabel seconds
MA Member at Large
Robin, Sarah, Myrto, self nominate – Other people second them
Myrto withdraws nomination
Election Results
Sarah, MA Member at Large
Gabrielle – VP
Cassandra Silver – Treasurer
Grace Smith – Secretary
2:00 SSHRC and OGS
Deadlines and nature of these programs describe
Materials are submitted to Rob Moses.
Specific questions may be directed to Rob.
PhD students who are eligible MUST apply to SSHRC
2:13 Other Business
Letters from the Empty Bed
Sept 21st or 23rd auditions 4-6 PM (Potentially)
Capital Gift
Budget is $500
Give gift suggest to Exec members
Student discounts/subsidized admission
2:18 Steph moves to adjourn, Noam seconds.


General Meeting
March 23, 2010
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

In Attendance: Kate Abrams, Claire Haist, Noam Lior, Sasha Kovacs, Alysse Rich, Mel Campbell, Laine Newman, Aida Jordao, Caitlin Thompson, Chima, Steph Berntson, Tom McGee, Rachel Steinberg, Natalie Matheison, Dalbir Singh, Gabrielle

MC moved to waive quorum, SL seconded. Quorum waived.

1)Approval of minutes of January 2009 GM
AR moved to approve minutes, SK seconded, minutes approved

2)Approval of Agenda
LN moved to approve agenda and NL seconded. Agenda approved.

3)Treasurer’s Report
Still several events still to occur
Brechtfast had $75 budget, and spent $21
FOOT only used GSU money, so DC has $500 surplus
That money could go toward buying food at the end of year party
Putting another $150-200 into food budget for end of year party SB moved to approve, LN seconded, motion approved
TM moves to approve budget, LN seconds, budget approved

President’s Report
Thanks for a great year everyone!!!!
Upcoming DC Candidate’s Meetings
DC will be having our own candidates meetings
Teaching at UTSC and DC
No confirmed dates yet- but there will be presentations and coffee talks etc
We’ll keep you posted- PLEASE COME OUT!!!
Reminder FOOT 2011 Proposals due April 6
If you want to run FOOT, send in your proposals!!!
Mel Campbell is willing to talk to prospective artistic directors
Reminder: Saddlemyer Parker Awards Nominations due Friday
Send your nominations into the SPA email list ASAP
Winner will be announced at end of year party
Capital Gift Update
Media player has been purchased
We would like to mount some of the old posters that are currently in storage with the remainder of the capital gift money
New Comprehensive Exam Structure
Format of exam has been changed
4 essays that students write, each focused on a specific period
Have from 10am Thursday to 4pm Monday
Top three scores will be counted
Comps. List is used as a go-to list of sources but students can use others if they choose
Feeling that list should still be updated
Should supplementary texts be included?
Next Year’s Theatre Season
Low attendance was a problem for phd students in the current theatre season
There is a lot of demand from other departments for attendance at events, there is only so much one person can attend at a time
What makes people want to support the home productions?
It’s hard to get students to go to events when professors don’t attend them
It’s not always clear to the DC community what the politics or reasons for the DC events are- they can be different to MA students, phd students, faculty etc
Why do these events exist in this department- what is the value to the students and what is the faculty’s role
An issue with space- the Gill will make anything look empty, the seminar room makes anything look full
There’s a new structure for the season every year, which makes things very complicated

5)Elections: President, Treasurer, Member-at-Large
President- AJ nominates SK.
Treasurer- G nominates AJ.
Member-at-Large- LN nominates SB.

6)Other Business

7) Adjournement
SL moves to adjourn the meeting. MC seconds. Vote is unanimous and the meeting is adjourned

See you all at the End-of-Year Party on April 8th!


Executive Meeting
Monday March 1 2010

In Attendance: Claire Haist, Sasha Kovacs, Noam Lior, Laine Newman, Alysse Rich, Mel Campbell, Kate Abrams

1. Social Events
a) Brechtfast- March 16th
-St. Patrick’s Day theme
-Noam and Laine in charge
-bring your favourite topping!
b) Pub Night- March 25th
-The Artful Dodger, 8pm
c) Theatre Outing- April 10
– Oh, What a Lovely War
d) End of Year Party
-at the Bedford Academy at 8pm
-SPA award will be presented then
-Noam will be in charge of collecting nominations for SPA award
-fun gifts also will be presented

2. GSU Update
a) Steward Session
-GSU wanted to know if a “Steward Session” would be helpful to students
-general consensus that there was not enough interest due to busy schedules of DC students
-it may be useful for new students to have a “Steward Session” in the fall
-perhaps come to the September AGM?
b) General Update
-GSU elections coming up
-Vote on ROSI
-Geography department donated $1000 to Haiti and encouraged other departments to do the same
-an increase for Hart House funding was passed

3. March/April GM
-March 23 (Tuesday)
-will provide food for those attending

4. Capital Gift
-ideas for cue-ing software, make list to show Paul
-video software is less of an issue, because the Mac already has some on it
-mount pictures/posters from previous DC shows to decorate the student office/lobby

5. Any Other Business
-potential movie night- Life of Brian
-Comps- now consist of 4 take home papers
-given question on Thursday morning, paper is due the following Monday evening
-these changes will not affect Comps list
-best three of four papers are counted
-new format doesn’t allow for comparison between time periods

See you all at our upcoming events!!


Executive Meeting
In Attendance: Claire Haist, Sasha Kovacs, Noam Lior, Mel Campbell, Alysse Rich, Laine Newman, Kate Abrams

• Thanks for a great first term!
• Upcoming events. We need people to run:

1. Pub night 2 (February- post reading week)
• Alysse
2. BrechtFast 2 (March)
Laine and Noam
Ice cream social
We provide ice cream, everyone bring your favourite topping
Will be on a Tuesday (date TBA)
3. Theatre Outing 2 (TBA)
4. End-of-year Party! (March/April)
• Claire
5. Life of Brian for Chester Cycle
• Noam
• Mel will do publicity for all events
6. Capital Gift/Update from meeting with Stephen (post-GM)
• Capital Gift: CH made three main suggestions—curtains for seminar room, mirrors for rehearsal room, and laptop for booth.
• Stephen doesn’t like the idea of curtains; feels like there are better ways to invest in the students. Mirrors and/or laptop might be good; we should talk to Lou and Paul about whether or not those things would be welcome in their respective spaces.
• The Mac in the student lounge has a CD burner; we should be able to do any sound/editing work that we want to on that machine.
• Look into adding more sound editing programs to the Mac
• Will talk to Paul about which software we should go with
• Theatre rental. Priorities are: 1) Student performances directly related to the DC curriculum; 2) Students working on projects; 3) Rentals (once these are booked, they have to be honoured).
• Students are not charged for the space as long as the performance relates to the curriculum.
• For the most part, students are booking the space, not the booth. Access to our technology is at the renter’s discretion (depends on students’ experience with the equipment).
• Stephen will get this information on the website, though can’t promise when.
• Comps. Stephen is discussing with other profs whether or not the form of the exam will change. If it does, it’s likely that the required texts and/or process of selecting them will, too (e.g. more individualized to the student).
7. Other Business
• Foot received money from the GSU after the conference had finished, so that money will be going back into the drama centre ($500)
• Will act as repaying the loan the drama centre gave out for Foot

Next Meeting Monday March 1 at noon


General Meeting
January 12, 2010
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

In Attendance: Kate Abrams, Claire Haist, Noam Lior, Sasha Kovacs, Alysse Rich, Mel Campbell, Aida Jordao, Shelley Leibembuk, Michelle MacArthur, Moynan King, Natalie Mathieson

MC moved to waive quorum, SL seconded. Quorum waived.

1)Approval of minutes of September 2009 GM
AR moved to approve minutes, SK seconded, minutes approved

2)Approval of Agenda
NL moved to approve agenda and MC seconded. Agenda approved.

3)Treasurer’s Report
$67 to cover bar fees for holiday party
AR looked at previous years cap gift- decided to allow $500 for cap gift
Added category for website update, as money has been spent on it annualy for the past few years
SK moved to approve budget, MC seconded. Budget approved.

President’s Report
Capital Gift
Purchased media player- can play video, audio or documents, directly projected through usb connection, without need for a laptop
AJ moves to approve media player, CH seconded. Media player purchase approved
Other suggested gifts- lap desks for student lounge, curtains for seminar room, plaquing some posters in office, aesthetic improvements to student lounge, updates to rehearsal room and costume room (i.e. Increased storage)
More suggested gifts- new black boxes for rehearsal room
Improvements to rehearsal room as main project
MK suggests cheap laptop dedicated to the booth that has an easy to use sound cue system
Improved communication when new things arrive- where they are, how to book them etc
Post list in student lounge of what is available and how to reserve it
Holiday Party Thanks
Thanks to everyone who helped with party
Special thanks to Sasha and Steph who made the turkey and vegetarian entrees
Announcement of Bryden Award Winners
Congratulations to Michelle MacArthur
Congratulations as well to the Drama Centre

Candidates’ Visits
UTM is in process of hiring a professor for the Department of English and Drama at UTM: Twentieth-Century and Contemporary Drama
Candidate will teach at undergraduate level at UTM, and in graduate english on St. George campus, and his course(s) will likely be cross listed with the DC
Canditate Dr. Aidan O’Malley will be attending a “coffee talk” to interact with potential students
Coffee talk will be held in the Jackman Humanities Building rm 719, Thursday January 21 from 10:00-10:50am
A casual conversation with students, no faculty
50 minutes long
He is also giving a talk at 4:15- Performing Contradictions: Drama, Translation and Cultural Identity (held in Room 100A Jackman Humanities Building)
Upcoming Events
Another Brechtfast sometime in the new year
Another theatre outing sometime in the new year
Dates to be determined
Comprehensive Exam (Comps) Review
Concern with the “comprehensiveness” of the comps list
Does it need to be changed and if so, how?
CH suggests having the professors nominate some of their “top ten” must reads
MM points out the gender bias of the list and discusses the pedagogical implications of the exam in the teaching of graduate students
NL discusses how the structure of the exam was also mentioned as possibly changing in DRA 6000Y class

5)Other Business
AJ raised questions about the mentoring program- she would like to discuss how it is developing and hoped to gain feedback from other mentors
SK mentioned that she would like to adopt a more explicit procedure for booking of rehearsal spaces
SK noted that some MA students had expressed a concern that space was not fully available to them, or if it was, they were unable to discern how to go about booking it. It was advised that these student book through Lou
There is a video camera available to students and a suggestion was made that a “sign out” sheet with a list of all things available and procedures involved in borrowing be placed in the student lounge
Ultimately, there was much talk of a formal structure being created for signing out material as well as booking space to avoid any confusion or overlap of bookings.

6) Adjournement
SL moves to adjourn the meeting. MC seconds. Vote is unanimous and the meeting is adjourned

See you all at FOOT, January 21st-23rd!


Executive Meeting
November 18, 2009
1:15pm – 2:00pm

In Attendance: Kate Abrams, Claire Haist, Laine Newman, Noam Lior, Sasha Kovacs, Alysse Rich, Mel Campbell

Thanks to Noam and Sasha for organizing the movie night and the theatre outing!

Bryden Fellowship application submitted
hopefully we will get money to subsidize theatre outings etc

3)Concessions- We made some money! – what should we do with the leftover goodies?
used funds to pay off extra vaudeville fees etc
special thanks to Paul Babiak-
use leftovers for New Student Roundtable- donated from exec (anything left over from roundtable can go to holiday party)

Holiday Party- December 3rd, 6:00pm
Hollywood Holiday- Holiday and winter movie themed
Decorations- posters, Hollywood memorabilia- exec members (in pairs) pick a holiday film and bring a few related decorations
theme related events?
Movie trivia- guess the line from the holiday movie etc
Pin the something on the something else (angel on the tree etc)
Events in stations- people can still shmooze etc
Holiday CD/DVD exchange- bring in any holiday or winter themed DVD’s or CD’s
Set up TV in seminar room with holiday movies for any children who want to watch them
raffle – each exec member is responsible for finding a donated raffle prize
Blue Hills Child and Family Centre receives proceeds of raffle
They also accept donations of food and clothing- donation box will be available at party
Sasha is making the turkey
Will ask Steph today if she will make a vegetarian dish
Cash bar will be available- bar will only be open until 11pm
Volunteer to inventory plates, cutlery etc.- Alysse
probably need large plates, tablecloths
Who’s available to decorate that afternoon?
whenever Exec members are available, they will come in to help decorate
bring holiday CD’s, decorations etc
Exec is responsible for cleanup

Date for January GM
Tuesday January 12 at 1:00pm
Snacks and coffee provided

Date for next meeting
To be set at January General Meeting


Executive Meeting
October 14, 2009
11:30 am – 12:30 pm

In Attendance: Claire Haist, Laine Newman, Noam Lior, Sasha Kovacs, Alysse Rich, Mel Campbell

1. Claire thanked the exec for a great pub night!

2. Bryden Fellowship
-$800 from the Drama Centre
-we get a portion for the theatre outing
-Claire will apply

3. Vaudeville
-we will sell concessions:

October 30: Alysse and Laine
October 31: no one
November 1: Claire

-Claire will check with Lou about this and whether there will be a reception on opening night

4. Department Review
-the Drama Centre is under review as a part of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences
-Stephen will most likely hold a town hall meeting

5. Brechtfast – Waffle off
-Alysse will get the ingredients, for 30-40 people
-the exec will meet at the DC at 11:30 to start cooking
-Noam and Sasha will bring waffles griddles
-Mel will send an e-mail out
-aim to start at 1 pm, and end the event at 2:30 pm

6. Theatre Outing
-Sasha is working on this
-she will discuss the finances with Alysse

7. Movie Night
-Report from Noam:
-Lou and Paul have approved a movie night with popcorn (provided we clean up)
-the movie will be “Cradle Will Rock”
-date? Noam will talk to Lou – aim for sometime in November, possible Friday, November 13th.

8. Holiday Party!
-December 4th
-Sasha will make the turkey
-we’ll need a veggie entre
-aim to start at 6 pm

9. Capital Gift Update
-Alysse will send the e-mail for approval of what’s been bought (media player, cables)
-We have spent $155
-Noam will e-mail Alysse about the media player (ie. What it is!)
-Alysse will suggest lap desks in e-mail, and then if approved, get them!
-another idea: plaquing the posters in the student lounge? Can propose this at the next AGM

10. Bruce’s Gift Card
-we gave the money, Claire got the card!

11. Any other business?

12. Next meeting date: November 16, 2009 at 11:30 am


Executive Meeting
September 29, 2009
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

In Attendance: Kate Abrams, Claire Haist, Laine Newman, Noam Lior, Sasha Kovacs, Alysse Rich, Mel Campbell

1. Pub Night
7pm at Pauper’s Pub- Friday October 2
Spread the word, announce to classes

2. Modes of Communication
let people know about various modes of communication and information sources
list-serv – no administrators or faculty, students only
contact CH with email address if you would like to be added
facebook group
event for pub night on facebook

3. Upcoming Events/Delegation of Duties
waffle-off – waffle making competition? (aka iron chef of waffles, waffle king etc)
semi-potluck event
last year was pancakes and waffles, people brought in toppings
just make waffles this year
make use of toaster oven
date- Tuesday October 20th (check date with Lou)
SK and NL will bring in waffle makers
make some frozen and reheat, make some “live”
the waffles made on the day- we should start making them an hour early to avoid line ups
start event at 1, start cooking at noon
exec will reimburse for waffle ingredients- AR will purchase and drop off ingredients
Theatre Event:
normally in early November
volunteer needed to look up plays to go to
SK volunteers to look for potential plays
contact students with selections, they will vote for their preferred show
block of tickets, group rate
executive will chip in for discount for DC students only
students are free to bring guests but they will have to pay the group rate without the extra discount
potential event date in 2nd week in November
Movie Night:
can we have popcorn in the theatre? (ask Paul)
talk to Lou- find time that Gill theatre is available- hopefully some time in October
no excessive violence- put rating of movie in announcement email
MC suggests Rocky Horror
do we want to compete with the one at Bloor?
NL is spearheading event
Holiday Party:
UCDP term ends Dec 2
Grad Drama ends Dec 4
should we have party earlier rather than later?
possible date November 27
December 3rd or 4th may be best date
3rd may be best, Thursdays are good date- people may not have left for vacation yet
AR brings up idea of theme- last year was rags to riches
pot luck event

4. DC Committee Memberships
Academic: NL and LN volunteer
Advisory: CH, NL and MC volunteer
Theatres: KA, SK and AR volunteer

5. Capital Gift Suggestions
potential ideas: charging dock for ipod, furniture for lounge, projector, media player, lap desk/tray
projector- need someone to look into what we have currently- can current one be moved?
NL will talk to Paul about projector
projectors range in price from $50-120- NL will investigate
NL donated a multi-use charger, it must be plugged into computer
AR notes that exec donates $500 to FOOT each year but they did not require it last year, so we have a $500 buffer
option is essentially to do the projector or all the other gift ideas
furniture is not really an option, no room for it in student lounge
AR- do we have to approve choices at GM?
exec will run ideas by students via email
AR will be in charge of emailing DCSU student list and Lou’s list

6. Other Businesss
There was no other business to discuss

7. Next Meeting?
before Brechtfast
Wed October 14 at 11:30am

The meeting was adjourned.


General Meeting
September 14, 2009
12:15 pm – 1:15 pm

In Attendance: Kate Abrams, Mel Campbell, Courtney Cauthon, Julia Gibran, Claire Haist, Sasha Kovacs, Robert LaBode, Noam Lior, Laura Lucci, Tom McGee, Laine Newman, Alysse Rich, Caitlin Thompson
AR moved to waive quorum
NL seconded
Motion was approved

1. Approval of Minutes of April 2009 GM
NL was called upon to summarize minutes from Winter 2009 GM & Spring 2009 GM
KA moved to approve minutes
MC seconded
Minutes were approved

2. Approval of Agenda
NL moved to approve agenda
AR seconded
Agenda was approved

3. President’s Report
a) Orientation Re-cap
• Orientation held to be successful
• Thanks to all who attended, helped, and/or performed
b) Upcoming Events
• Pub Night #1 tentatively set for Friday, October 2nd
• Brechtfast—probably 2 over the year, details to come
• Theatre Outing—one per semester, discounted tickets, details to come
• Holiday Party—near end-of-term, probably to involve some kind of charitable fundraising, details to come
• NL suggested movie night at the Gill
c) Changes to Funding
• MA now partially funded, PhD reduced from 5 years to 4.5
• Tuition now must be paid by students (or deferred), no longer handled directly by department
• Deferral is an option, but January money may then be paid directly by the University into tuition/fees
• Anyone with questions/concerns/problems should talk to Rob
• CH to talk to Rob and/or Stephen to double-check SSHRC & OGS deadlines, funding details
• RA work, unlike TA work, is not covered by CUPE; students are encouraged to keep track of hours worked
d) Capital Gift
• Funds from Exec (amount varies) used to buy a gift for the DC students
• Last year’s capital gift covered the student PC, setting up the lounge, buying chairs, and music stands for play readings
• Previous capital gifts include digital cameras, boombox/ipod dock
• Some suggestions for this year’s gift include:
AC/USB charger for iPods, mp3 players, devices, to go in lounge
“things to make the lounge more cozy”
Chairs that can be used for sleeping on
Sofa for the lounge
Digital projector
Media player
• Students are encouraged to brainstorm and make suggestions to Exec members
• Exec will consult with students before making a purchase

4. Treasurer’s Report
AR Presented Treasurer’s Report for 2009/2010 Season
The Treasurer’s Report was approved

5. Elections
• Elections were held for the offices of Secretary, Vice-President, and two Members-at-Large
AR nominated Kate Abrams for Secretary
Mel Campbell nominated herself for Member-at-Large
Mel Campbell nominated Sasha Kovacs for Vice-President
Laine Newman nominated herself for Member-at-Large
Alysse Rich nominated Laura Lucci for Member-at-Large
Mel Campbell and Laine Newman were elected Members-at Large
Kate Abrams was acclaimed as Secretary
Sasha Kovacs was acclaimed as Vice-President

6. Other Business
• Caitlin was awarded a Canadian flag, as a runner-up prize for the Orientation Quiz

TM moved that the meeting be closed
MC seconded
The motion was approved

The meeting was adjourned


Executive Meeting
March 31, 2009

In attendance: Courtney Cauthon, Claire Haist, Noam Lior, Michelle MacArthur, Alysse Rich, Jacquey Taquar, Graham Wolfe

The Executive met with Stephen Johnson to discuss the season for the 2009/2010 school year

Items discussed–

-Shift from production-based season to smaller projects, including workshops and a number of ‘vaudevilles,’ showcases of work in progress, research-based work, or other short pieces

-Shifting of DRM 5001 to a format more in line with DRM 5000, with a focus on dramaturgical work, production-related writing, and an overall intellectual investment in the productions

-Reducing DRM 1003 to 3 hours per week, with the hopes of also allotting one night per week to full-program events or gatherings

-Continuing the efforts to coordinate the curriculum with the ‘season.’

-Working out the season in advance as much as possible, so as to leave flexibility to accept theatre bookings for money

-Expanding the theatres committee into a production-oversight capacity, meeting year-round, with representatives from each year.

-Running FOOT as a co-production of the students and the DC, possibly incorporating one of the ‘vaudevilles’

-Field trip to New York City, probably with minimum or no funding, at a point in the year to be determined

-Continuing to hold workshops, expanding the focus to the development of professional skills, both practical and academic; coordinating workshops with the UCDP.

Exec Meeting Proper:

1. Debrief from meeting with Stephen

-FOOT should remain independent
-FOOT ought to remain centered on a particular theme rather than ‘open,’
-current funding is sufficient (or that it should be increased, but not through co-production)
-the theme ought to be chosen to link with other department

2. Updates
-There were no updates from committees

2.5 Agenda & Minutes
-There were no additions to the agenda
-The minutes were approved

3. Treasurer Update
-some complications with FOOT, waiting to hear back from Lou; there may be an extra $500 in the budget
-All reimbursements have been covered

4. GSU Update
-There may have been a meeting on the 30th, in which case it was not attended by a DC representative,
-SSHRC funding concern; a committee has been formed with a letter-writing campaign and information for students

5. President’s Update
-Payment Procedure:
– new payment procedure from university has been unclear and problematic
– may be difficult to change
– designed to control students in arrears
– when does the payment need to be requested?

–minutes required
–NL may need to upload directly
–website can’t accept attachments

6. Theatre Outing
-The outing is to be After Image (Artistic Fraud)
-CC to book tickets
-To take place Tuesday, April 21st
-A block of 20 tickets to be purchased, possibly more if needed/desired
-CC to check policy on cancellations, possibility of a group rate
-AR, CC, & MM to write thank you letters to the Brydens

7. GM
-GM date set for Tuesday, April 7th, 11:30 a.m.

8. End-of-Year Party
-Date set for Friday, April 17, 6 p.m.
-Saddlemeier-Parker Award to be presented by Amanda & Patrick
–some discussion regarding multiple-year winners: whoever puts in the time and effort ought to receive the award
–AR to forward previous year’s nominations/explanation e-mail to MM to send out
-Silly Awards to be presented as well, specifics to be brainstormed & worked out prior to party
-AR to confirm budget for food platters

MM issued general thanks for Brechtfast 2, and for everyone’s hard work


Executive Meeting
Tuesday, February 10, 2009
2:45 – 3:30 pm

In attendance: Courtney Cauthon, Claire Haist, Noam Lior, Michelle MacArthur, Alysse Rich, Jacquey Taucar, Graham Wolfe

1. Social Events Update
• Andrew Moodie/Hart House reading/event
-to take place sometime after Reading Week, linking with Toronto the Good at Factory Theatre
-possibility of linking to other courses on campus, especially through UCDP, in order to boost attendance, and lessen reliance on DC to supply audience
-DC possibly to contribute $30
-communications to continue, updates as available
• Brechtfast 2
-MM to research ice cream toppings
-Exec to provide ice cream, students encouraged to bring favorite toppings
• Theatre Outing 2
-CC to take over supervision
-options include Letters to My Grandma, City of Wine, Medieval Times, Travesties, Glengarry Glen Ross
-further research and communications to follow
• Pub Night 2
-all’s well
-promote and publicize in classes as much as possible
• End of Year Party
-possibility of coordinating with theory class conference
-probably after last week of classes, due to Easter/Passover weekend
-to take place at bar or pub, not at the DC
-suggestions include Bedford, Victory Café—maybe space for performances

2. Committees Update
• Theatres Committee
-much discussion, no resolution
-additional conferences remain a question for discussion
-timing for FOOT discussed
• Academic/Advisory Committee
-much discussion of the transfer to Arts & Science
-much discussion of the correlating changes in funding structure

3. Treasurer Update
• $6 profit from FOOT!
• Reimbursements require receipts
• Funding for Our Very Own Showcase—may be able to budget $100

4. GSU Update
• Nothing new to report

5. Concessions Update
• Once again, $6 from FOOT!
• Potential to sell concessions at the upcoming showcases

6. Website Transfer
• Mark Turner helping/checking up on progress
• May not be able to include discussion board

7. Funding Issues
• Letters of complaint to be drafted re: direct deposit
• MM seeking info from Comp. Lit. re: funding structure
• Keep checking in with Stephen
• Get details on student rights & union rules from GSU

8. Other Business
• Should there be an Exec rep. at the FOOT post-mortem?
-importance of continuity and communication
-benefits and drawbacks of each year’s FOOT committee re-inventing the wheel
-should there be a FOOT liaison position?
-importance of archiving information from each year’s FOOT committee, creating a resource for use in the future

9. Next Meeting: March 10, 2009 2:45-3:30 Seminar Room


General Meeting
January 20, 2009
2:45 pm – 3:45 pm

Motion to wave quorum—Mover: Alysse; Seconder: Noam
Motion carried unanimously.

1. Approval of Minutes from September GM
-Minutes approved unanimously

2. Approval of Agenda
-Agenda approved.

3. President’s Report– Michelle
-Explained Bryden Award, announced and congratulated Alysse and Courtney as this year’s winners
-Michelle thanked all for participation in (and tremendous success of) Holiday Party; Courtney shared the thank you letter from Blue Hills, to be posted in the Lounge.
-Announcement of upcoming events—Michelle
-Pub Night 2, scheduled for February 12th (Thursday before Reading Week) @ Harbord House
-BrechtFast 2 (ice cream social?) scheduled for March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day)
-Theatre Outing 2 (to be determined)
-End-of-Year Party, which may be combined with some end-of-year performances
-Possibly a movie night; Noam suggested The Court Jester, as a quasi-dramaturgical link to Clyomon & Clamydes

• Website Update—Michelle
-Website to be no longer hosted by U of T
-Transfer cost of approx. $200
-Transfer would eliminate $75/year costs
-Sasha suggested adding a discussion/postings board if possible

• Student Funding—Michelle
-Drama Centre to shift from School of Graduate Studies to Arts & Sciences, transfer to take effect in May
-Stephen will explain more fully in upcoming Town Hall, since some aspects are still being developed/discovered
-Under A&S, PhD candidates will be guaranteed a TAship, but 200 hours will count towards PhD funding.
-The bulk of TA hours, then, will count toward graduate funding, rather than supplementing it
-Stephen hopes to arrange for a Comp-Lit-style funding package, where the funding follows the student, allowing for greater flexibility in arranging individual TA positions, either through the department or through students’ initiative
-The A&S arrangement may also apply to work study hours; accounting for hours will probably be centralized and cross-checked, making it more difficult to get paid for any work ‘on the side.’

-The extra 80 hours work for this year’s additional funding appear to be legitimate, in accordance with CUPE rules and university guidelines

• Theatre Season Changes—Michelle
-Ideas generated in the discussion of the theatre season at the DC included:

-the importance of productions as resume-building credentials
-the possibility of getting paid for creating/orchestrating a project
-the desirability of apprenticeship, both pedagogically and professionally
-the possibility of fundraising for an endowment, to subsidize a yearly production project
-the desirability of creating and cementing ties with professionals, both for apprenticeship opportunities and criticism/review/advising of students
-the difficulty in balancing process-oriented research with product-oriented shows

• Comps Review—Michelle
-Ideas generated in the discussion of Comps included:

-starting DRA6000 in 1st-year PhD
-creating a ‘book club’ format, with guests (professionals, academics, etc.) brought in to provide a perspective or open a discussion on each selection
-the formation of a Curriculum Committee to discuss both the format and content of the list, specifically with a view to increasing diversity
-bringing concerns, thoughts, suggestions to the Exec, who can then bring them to the Academic Committeee

• Capital Gift—Michelle
-this year’s official capital gift was the PC for the Student Lounge/Office
-music stands for FOOT (and beyond) and the chairs for the lounge were retroactively approved as also falling under this year’s capital gift

4. Treasurer’s Report—Alysse
-Motion to approve: Courtney; Seconder: Sasha
-Report approved.

5. GSU Report—Graham
-GSU working to reduce post-residence fees, so that students not taking classes pay less tuition
-CUPE negotiation update—strike mandate has been given, more a bargaining tool than intention to strike

6. No other business

Motion to adjourn: Paul Babiak; Seconder: Claire. Motion carried.


Executive Meeting
Tuesday, January 13, 2009
9:15 am – 10:15 am

In attendance: Courtney Cauthon, Claire Haist, Michelle MacArthur, Noam Lior, Alysse Rich, Jacquey Taucar, Graham Wolfe

1. January General Meeting
• Items to discuss: administrative and funding changes for next year, comps list, retroactive vote on capital gift, music stands for foot
• Date for GM tentatively set for January 20th; MM to check with Lou re: booking space

2. Social Events for Winter/Spring Term
• Pub Night 2—tentatively scheduled for Feb. 12 (before Reading Week, Anti-Valentine’s Day) at Harbord House
• Theatre Outing 2—AR to organize, will scout out possibilities and report back
• BrechtFast 2—tentatively set for Tuesday, March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day); possibly ice-cream social, with Exec providing ice cream and students supplying toppings
• End-of-Year Party—to be determined, possibly to coincide with end-of-year showcase.
• Movie Night—NL proposed The Court Jester, as a link to Clyomon & Clamydes; NL to check for interest, report back

3. Partnership with Hart House, Committee for Andrew Moodie Reading & Talk
• Definite interest from Exec, possibility of having a qualified DC student act as moderator.
• MM to continue contact with Hart House & get more information when it becomes available

4. Concessions for FOOT, C&C
• Concessions to be sold at FOOT, but not at C&C, since it will have no intermission

5. Website Transfer
• Transfer will cost $200, but will negate the need for $75 yearly fee
• MM to continue researching, find out if better offers are to be had

6. GSU Report – GW
• No meeting to report on
• Ongoing efforts from the GSU include lowering of post-residency fees, so that students no longer taking classes don’t pay as much
• CUPE continues with strike negotiations; anyone interested should check the GSU update, and GW will report at the GM

7. February meeting set for Tuesday, Feb. 10, 9:30 am, location tbd.


Executive Meeting
Tuesday, November 04, 2008
12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

In attendance: Courtney Cauthon, Claire Haist, Michelle MacArthur, Noam Lior, Alysse Rich, Graham Wolfe

1. Thanks for BrechtFast:
a) MM reported BrechtFast a success, thanks and congratulations to all involved.

2. Reports:
a) NL reported re: Academic Committee—much discussion around replacement of reading list; possibility of GDSU-directed survey and report to take place prior to next Academic Committee meeting.

b) GW reported re: GSU meeting—he attended entire meeting, the budget was approved, and the form requesting special funds for FOOT was signed.

c) AR reported re: budgeting for 2008/2009 Season—new system to be implemented using 2 sets of books, to accurately record budgeting and spending. System is now being implemented, so reports won’t be ready immediately.

d) CC reported re: music stands—no definite information yet, but should have details in time for FOOT.

e) MM reported re: PhD funding for 2008/2009—extra funding may require work hours of some kind; more details to follow.

f) CC reported re: Bryden Scholarship. NL & CH to promote awareness in MA & PhD classes, encourage students to apply.

3. Theatre Outing:
a) CC reported that theatre outing tickets for Top Girls were now sold out. Some discussion re: subsidizing guests, opening up waiting list, ensuring payment.

4. Holiday Party:
a) Help from Exec members and students at large would be welcome and appreciated.

b) MM willing to take the lead, with support as needed.

c) Some discussion of moving party to Friday; settled on Thursday, December 04 for the time being. Start time set for 7 pm.

d) AR to look into available budget for party.

e) Theme desired but not yet determined.

f) Food—Paul Babiak to supply turkey; Lydia to supply ham; Jacquey to supply veggie dish.

g) CH & NL to make announcements in PhD & MA classes inviting students to supply food of any kind.

h) Discussion of food drive, reminder to all to solicit donations for prizes.

i) Lou to be consulted re: details of bar.

j) Discussion of games & activities—gingerbread decorating, piñata, gift exchange.

k) Supplementary planning meeting set for 7:45 pm on Thursday November 20th, @ Harbord House.

Meeting adjourned at 1:40 pm.


Executive Meeting
Tuesday, October 08
12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

In attendance: Courtney Cauthon, Michelle MacArthur, Claire Haist, Jacquey Taucar, Alysse Rich, Graham Wolf, Noam Lior

1. Follow-up from GM:
a) CC reported that music stands cost approx. $34.99, will continue to look for retailers in the city.
b) NL reported that PCs are available at approx. $200-$500, depending on quality, plus approx. $150 for monitor.
NL and MM to make a PC-buying trip in the near future.
c) CH and AR to decorate student lounge/office/space; possibilities include posters, bulletin board, whiteboard calendar.

2. DC Committee Memberships:
a) NL and JT to serve on Academic Committee.
b) CC, MM, AR to serve on Advisory Committee.
c) CH, GW, CC to serve on Theatres Committee.

3. Delegation of Duties
-Social Events (This Term):
a) Pub night an astounding success! Definitely to be followed up with more pub nights, probably on a Thursday. A possible date for November pub night to be discussed next meeting.
b) Possibilities for Theatre Outing: Black Rider, Bashir Lazar, A Raisin in the Sun, Top Girls, We Will Rock You. CC to finalize list and send out to DC Listserv for selection.
c) Definite interest in BrechtFast 2008, sometime in late October/early November, during the lead-up to the Futurist Cabaret. JT and AR to organize, with most or all of Exec providing substantial support.
d) Holiday Party set for Thursday December 04, 2008. MM, AR, GW to organize, again with substantial support from most or all of Exec.
e) NL suggested a movie night, using the projector and screen at the Robert Gill; NL to put together suggestions with a view toward possible screening in November.
-Communications (Web, Listserv)
No one on Exec comfortable with taking over communications duties. Communications to be outsourced for the time being.

4. Head Grant Application:
-Phone numbers and e-mails needed from Exec members in order to finish Head Grant Application.

5. Next Meeting Date:
-Next meeting set for Tuesday, November 04, 2008, 12:30 – 1:30, in the DC Students’ Lounge/Office/Space.

Meeting adjourned at 1:50 p.m.


General Meeting
Tuesday, April 8, 2008

1. Robin Whittaker opened the meeting.

2. Approval of Agendas
-Motion to adopt by Jamie Ashby, seconded by Jaquey Taucar, all in favour.
-Motion to adopt January’s GM minutes by Courtney Cauthon, seconded by Katherine
Foster, all in favour.

3. Vote to waive quorum by Jamie Ashby, seconded by Keith Bennie, unanimously waived.

4. President’s Report
-Challenging but productive year for the GDCSU.
-Student attendance high for theatre outing, with $4 tickets for How It Works and $20 tickets
for Evil Dead: the Musical.
-Attendance low for Brechfasts and Pub Nights but great turn out for the Holiday Party, with
many charitable food donations to Blue Hills.
-RW has some ideas for incoming Exec to help improve attendance at various events.
-Revamped the Constitution, adding a Policy Statement; subcommittee suggests adding a
Common Practices document too.
-Mentorship Program and improved Survival Guide a success.
-DC student listserv was updated and worked well.
-RW sat on the Bryden Fellowship committee.
-Video camera was well used this year, and we look forward to further use of this, and of this
year’s Capital Gift of the stereo system.
-Director chaired and at least one Exec member attended Post-Production meetings; this
should continue.
-FOOT a success.
-Continued to lobby for student space; new Exec should try and do the same.
-OCGS review complete; DC’s mandate renewed for another seven years.
-No response yet from a letter sent to Robarts from Michelle MacArthur regarding shelving
issues for Drama and related books.
-MacIvor talk a success – RW encourages more interdepartmental co-sponsorship
opportunities in the future.
-RW thanks everyone for their participation in the events of this past year and wishes the best
of luck to the graduating MAs and the incoming Executive.
-Reminder that the End of Year Party is Friday, April 11, 2008 at the Bedford Academy at

5. Treasurer’s Report
-Concessions not represented on the budget due to the nature of the performances and the
fact that we broke even in terms of revenue.

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-End of Year Party not represented on the budget as it hasn’t happened yet.
-FOOT was granted $500 more from the Exec this year, in addition to the expected $100.
-Capital Gift was purchased – stereo system with iPod.
-Motion to adopt budget by Courtney Cauthon, seconded by Emily Hincks, all in favour.
-Proposed next year’s budget, allocating more money to the orientation budget, FOOT, and
event co-sponsorships.
-Currently have $1153.11 for Capital Gift as money keeps carrying over. Incoming Exec can
decide to purchase something bigger next year, or continue carrying it over.

6. GSU Representative’s Report
-GSU is functioning well.
-Academic Committee of the GSU concerned with Student Evaluations and are taking steps
to find a solution.
-TA bargaining year – TA’s should ensure they know who their steward is in their
department; as the DC does not appoint TAs, we don’t need a steward

7. Elections: President, Treasurer, Member at Large
-With only nine people present at the meeting, an election proceeded with success.
-duties include administration, meetings with the Director, chairing monthly meetings and 3
GMs, being part of the Advisory Committee
-Jamie Ashby nominates Michelle MacArthur
-Michelle MacArthur accepts, no other nominations received, Michelle is acclaimed.
Member at Large
-no specific requirements but to fill in the gaps, taking initiatives in terms of committees and
event planning.
-Katherine Foster nominates Jacquey Taucar, she accepts, no other nominations received
-Jacquey Taucar is acclaimed.
-responsible for the budget, reimbursing others, visits to the bank, signing authority.
-Courtney Cauthon nominates Alysse Rich
-Alysse Rich accepts in absentia (email to President), no other nominations, Alysse is
acclaimed, pending agreement.
No other business from the floor.

8. Thank-you to the Executive and to the Union for a great year!
Motion to adjourn meeting by Courtney Cauthon, seconded by Steph Berntson, all in favour.


Executive Meeting
Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Matt White absent with apology.
Motion to adopt agenda unanimous.
Motion to approve March minutes unanimous.

1. FOOT 2009 Proposals
-Exec thanks Amanda and Justin for a strong proposal.
-Biggest change to their proposal from those of previous years is to have respondents to
the panel papers, which would mean a much earlier due date for panellists to allow for
the respondent to read the papers in advance. AL and JB will also urge MAs to become
more involved, perhaps suggesting that their first term papers are written with FOOT in
-A decision regarding accepting the FOOT proposal will be made by April 2, 2008.

2. April 8 General Meeting: Discussion of Agenda
-Order of Agenda as follows:
a) Approval of agenda and Jan GM minutes
b) Elections for next year’s Exec: President, Treasure, one member-at-large

c) President’s Report (which includes a running list of events of the past year as well as
d) Treasurer’s Report (which includes this year’s budget, a proposed budget for next
year, FOOT news, concessions)
e) GSU Announcements
f) Questions
g) New Exec arranges first meeting with RW and KF to exchange documents, signing
authority, etc.
3. End of Year Party Update
-RW to reserve platters ($150 budget) and send out reminders
-CC, RW, KF, EH to show up at 5:45
-EH to buy balloons and confetti ($20 budget)
4. Academic Committee Report
-RW went through meeting minutes, including information about MA workload, new
studio seating, new data projector and audio system for the Robert Gill Theatre, summer
course, new website to be working soon, student space, course evaluations (new Exec
should follow up on evals next year), effective elimination of Direct Entry PhDs,
numbers of applicants for MA and PhD, and information about OGS and SSHRC apps.

5. GSU Report
-Elections took place for a new GSU Exec.

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-CC to announce importance of student involvement in TA Union at the GM.
Budget Update
-KF could find no record of receiving money from the DC for the Capital Gift from the
last four years. She will investigate this further.
-Concessions not represented in the budget as the Exec owed Lou money from water, etc.
-Students upset with the athletics fee hike.

-KF explained proposed budget for next year.
-KF announced that there are no more service charges for our account, which saves us
some money.

7. Reimbursements
-KF requests that everyone bring receipts for the EOY party to the party in order to
receive reimbursements before she goes away.
-KF and MM sorted theatre outing reimbursements.

8. Pub Night Report
-Pub Night a success! Good attendance, despite long week-end conflicts. Club Night
portion did not happen.

9. Ex-Officio Report
-Nothing to report.

10. Member-at-Large Report (Justin)
-Nothing to report.

11. Member-at-Large Report (Matt)
-Absent, with apology.

12. English Modernist Research and Reading Group Grad Conference Co-Sponsorship
-Exec supports co-sponsorship, and will pass the information along to the next Exec.

13. Hurrah to us for a great year!
-RW thanked the Executive for a good year!

April General Meeting Reminder:

April 8, 2008
12:00-1:30pm in the Robert Gill

Motion to adjourn unanimous


Executive Meeting
Tuesday, March11, 2008

Motion to adopt agenda by EH, seconded by CC, all in favour.
Motion to approve February minutes by MW, seconded by KF, all in favour.

Budget Surplus Spending Discussion
-Agreed on suggesting to future Execs the possibility of spending surplus money on:
a) $300 more for FOOT, with Ads providing an early budget (Fall or before)
b) $300 to Orientation Package for new students
c) $100 for co-/sponsoring events, including open rehearsals of DC student shows and
talks like February’s MacIvor event
as well as $200 for contingency
-KF to bring an example of a new budget that represents these suggested changes
-this budget will be handed out to DC students and the future Exec at the GM in April
-Motion to draft a new budget that reflects the inclusion of changes made with budget
surplus money by JB, seconded my MW, all in favour.

2. Theatre Outing Report
-MM thanks JB for helping to collect money and organize the event
-20 tickets were booked; 18 people showed up
-MM to e-mail the no-shows to request that they pay for the tickets they reserved
-RW thanks MM and JB for their work on organizing the theatre outing and notes that it
was a great suggestion to see Evil Dead

-low attendance
-discussed the possibilities of changing the event to a monthly coffee hour next year, as it
will take the pressure off bringing in food for a potluck, and may have more success in
terms of attendance
-also suggested holding Brechtfast directly after the Masters class next year
-RW thanked JB for his work in organizing Brechtkoffeehaus
4. Pub Night + Club Night
-Will meet at the Artful Dodger at 7:30pm and proceed to Crews and Tango for dancing
around 10:30pm
-EH to send e-mail to the DC listserv and make posters for the event
-RW thanked EH for her work in organizing the Pub Night

5. End of Year Party Update
-Subcommittee formed to plan event that includes MW, EH, KF, CC, RW
-Meeting on March 25th at 12:30pm at the Grad House (come with ideas)
-KF and RW to be in charge of prizes

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-MW, EH and CC to be in charge of decorations and publicity
-EH to contact Rower’s Pub as possible venue
-more to be decided at the meeting

6. February Director/President Meeting Report
-Stephen thinks that issues about faculty involvement in student productions will be
solved next year with the new MA course and season.

7. Saddlemeyer/Parker Plaque Hanging
-Still not hung. Discussed waiting until shows and Stephen’s conference are over before
approaching Lou again, as it is a very busy time for her.

8. GSU Report
-They are currently holding elections.

9. Budget Update
-Nothing to report, except that KF will draft new budget for next meeting.

10. FOOT
-KF spoke with the GSU and they will give FOOT money retro-actively.

11. Capital Gift Update
-CD player with i-Pod adapter has been purchased
-Stereo speakers are not possible unless we invest in a home theatre system, which is too
-CC or MM to ask Paul about the broken speaker in the Robert Gill
-KF thanked for her work in procuring the Capital Gift

12. Reimbursements
-Give outstanding receipts to KF

13. Secretary’s Report
-Nothing to Report.

14. Concessions Update
-Decided to not sell concessions for Home and Away and Performative Exercises.

15. GDCSU Website Update
-JB to talk to man in charge of FTP about website.

16. Member-at-Large Report (MW)
-Daniel MacIvor visit a success! MW pitched FOOT and introduced MacIvor.

-MW to give receipts to KF MW
Next meeting:

April 1, 2008
12:30-2:00pm at Grad House

April General Meeting:

April 8, 2008
12:00-1:30pm in the Robert Gill

Page | 3

Motion to adjourn meeting by JB, seconded by CC, all in favour



Executive Meeting
Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Motion to adopt agenda by MW, seconded by EH, all in favour.
Motion to approve December minutes by KF, seconded by MW, all in favour.

1. Director/President Meeting
a) -RW to discuss observation about involvement in student productions.
-Possibility of student/DCPA/faculty producer.
-RW to report on meeting at March Exec meeting.
b) -Clarify funding more than a year in advance. Suggestion to have a
meeting/orientation outlining job and funding possibilities.

2. Sobonne Exchange Report
-Things went well. Exchange program discussing sending DC students there in the

3. Saddlemeyer/Parker Plaque Hanging
-The plaque is still not hung, but RW to keep working on it. RW

4. GDC CUPE 3902 Steward
-Robin is currently a steward for the TA’s union. Decided that this will be useful to be
part of in the future as the DC faces changes. Future Execs should support having an
active steward, but not necessarily a member of the Exec, as it doesn’t apply to all
students (only those who are CUPE members as TAs etc.).

5. Hart House/Daniel MacIvor Event
-Interested and willing to donate up to $25.00 to the event as co-sponsors.
-MW to talk with Hart House about finances, and what a co-sponsorship would exactly MW

6. GSU Report
-Nothing to report.

-Nothing to report.

9. Reimbursements
-Nothing to Report.

10. Capital Gift Update
-CD Player and speakers (3.5 mm. Line) are $120 at Best Buy.
-KF to check with Lou about speakers and storage and to e-mail a link of the product to

7. Pub and Club Night
-More to come soon!
8. Budget Update

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11. FOOT Update
a) CC brought up that because of next year’s season, the GSU would have to give money
for FOOT retroactively and wondered if this will cause a problem. KF to explain
situation to GSU and possibly send an example proposal. KF
b) CC and MM submitted a proposal asking the Exec for an additional $500 to support
FOOT, in order to raise the calibre of the festival with the possibility of giving
honourariums to conference speakers. Discussed the importance of FOOT for the
-CC and MM abstained in the voting due to conflict of interest.
-KF motions to accept proposal set forward by FOOT, seconded by JB, all in favour.
-The Exec would like to extend a thank-you to CC and MM for a strong proposal.

12. End of Year Party Update
-Gladstone’s capacity not suitable for our purposes. Discussed possibilities of Rowers
Pub and The Artful Dodger.
-EH to inquire at The Artful Dodger.

13. Allocation of Budget Surplus Brainstorming
-This will be first on the agenda at the next meeting. All members of the Exec to email
their ideas in advance of the meeting. KF notes that $2100 is the approx “income” for the
year-this varies slightly from year to year. After expenditures there is an approximate
$900 surplus.-Possibilities include FOOT funding, fairly distributed monies toward
shows, MA funding, renting an office, running an event like the MacIvor visit, etc..

14. Secretary’s Report
-Nothing to report.

15. Theatre Outing Update
for the theatre outing: “March Madness!”.

16. GDCSU Website Progress
-Nothing to Report.

17. Brechkoffeehaus Update
-Tory Mountain to help plan event.
-No amps will be used.

18. Member-at-Large Report (MW)
-Nothing to report.

Next meeting:

March 11, 2008

Motion to adjourn meeting by JB, seconded by MW, all in favour.

-MM to e-mail the DC about all activities happening in March, including the possibilities


Executive Meeting
Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Motion to adopt agenda by EH, seconded by KF, all in favour.
Motion to approve December minutes by MM, seconded by JB, all in favour.

1. Monitoring Curriculum, Funding and Course Evaluation Issues
-RW continuing to monitor these issues – no news to report.

2. Constitution Reform Update
-GSU accepted revised Constitution. Thus, we now have a new Constitution!
-Change made to Section 9.4 so that it accurately reflects the protocol for collecting money. (Treasurer
reports budgeted money in the spring, collects budgeted money from the GSU in the Fall)

3. Monitoring DC Student Space
-CC continuing to monitor the situation – suggestion box still located in the DC for student input.
-MW inquired about seemingly unused space near the Rehearsal Room. It is, in fact, being used and
cannot be given to the DC.

4. GSU
-There has been no meeting yet this term.

5. Budget
-RW inquired about the extra $150 (on top of the Bryden Fellowship) that is on the budget sheet for the
Theatre Outing. KF reported that there is always $75 allocated per term for the Theatre Outing, but
since it was not used last semester, it has spilled over into this semester. Thus, we have $350 for the
winter term’s Theatre Outing. The end-of-year budget will reflect that decision.

more scholarships, MA monies, money for FOOT, better website server, , etc…

6. Reimbursements
-There are still outstanding receipts from the Holiday Party – please submit these to KF for

7. FOOT update
-The Artistic Directors will be submitting a formal proposal for additional funding from the Exec to
support FOOT as they are creating a more professional festival that is in need of increased financial

8. Secretary’s Report
-Nothing to report.

9. Concessions Update
-As this year’s season has been made up of productions without intermissions, there has been very little
money made from concessions.
-Lou sold water for Richard III and made an estimated $50.
-RW asked how this affects the budget, as $500 was the projected amount to be made by concessions.
Not really a huge concern as it was a projection based on previous year’s success and does not put the
Exec’s budget in jeopardy. Future Exec’s should consider the sorts of productions being done in a year

-Added agenda minute for next meeting: What can we do with the extra money the Exec has? e.g. –

Page | 2

before determining Concessions income (intermissions? etc.)
-Will run concessions for Chris and Jamie’s shows later this term, making an estimated $200 in
concessions for the 2007/2008 school year.

10. Production Feedback Coordination
-Is it the Exec’s responsibility to represent the students in terms of production feedback, or should this
lie with the DCPA or the Theatre’s Committee?
-Decided on the following:
a) The DCPA does not represent those students who are not getting their hours (ie – upper years, or
MA/1st year PhDs who have finished their hours) and therefore the Exec needs to take some
responsibility to represent the sentiments of the student body.
b) Issues can be raised with the Exec members who are part of the Theatre’s Committee.
c) At least one member of the Exec should attend the Post-Mortems for DC shows.
d) Post-Mortems should not be an agenda item at the GMs unless there is a concern to address.

11. Website
-JB considering options, but needs to deal with website situation first.

-JB is having a lot of trouble with the website (FTP) and continues to work on it and try to work towards
a solution, such as moving the DC website to an external link.

12. RSS, Listserv, Gmail
13. Member-At-Large Report: MW
-Students are complaining about production hours – being overworked because of lack of help from
other students. Reasons for this include disorganization, students finishing their hours in the Fall,
students being too busy in other areas of the production or in general.
-One problem is that the shows become too big to be able to find required support. Proposed that a
faculty member (Stephen?) meets with production team more frequently, and acts as a mediator to

ensure that what was proposed is being followed through, as opposed to exploding the production
far larger project than what was originally approved. RW will discuss this with Stephen.RW

14. Theatre and Events Committee Report
-Discussion about Final Festival for next year’s season to include student class work and possible
alumni work featured.
-Futurism Festival to include a Cabaret Night on/around Halloween. Discussed the possibility of the
Exec holding a social in conjunction with that evening.

15. Saddlemyer/Parker Plaque
-KF to price stereo system (with iPod adapter) and speakers for the lobby.
-CC/MM to ask Paul who is responsible for repairing the stage right speaker in the Robert Gill Theatre.

-Aim to hang it in the next two weeks, either in the Robert Gill theatre (near the picture of Robert Gill)
or by the bulletin boards on the West wall of the lobby.

16. Capital Gift
17. Sorbonne Visit

-MW, MM and RW to attend discussion event at 710pm on Wednesday, January 23.
-anyone else who is interested in joining later can call RW’s cell phone for details. MW+RW

18. Theatre Outing
-MM to select productions to be voted on by the students. ALL


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-RW provided some choices, Evil Dead also a possibility.
-Theatre Outing to occur in February.

19. Brechtkoffeehaus
-March 11, 2008.

20. Pub Night
-March 20, 2008.
-CC to organize pub portion of the night.

21. End of Year Party
-April 10 or 11, 2008 (the 10th being the first choice).
-To be organized as a group.
-Breakfast and open mic style event co-ordinated by JB and Tory Mountain.
-MW and EH proposed a dancing component after the pub portion, and will organize that possibili y
-Discussed possible venues, such as the Gladstone, and the option of food provided
-KF to look into venues

Motion to adjourn meeting by JB, seconded by CC, all in favour.


Executive Meeting
Monday, December 3, 2007
Start time: 1:38pm
In attendance: Justin Blum, Robin Whittaker, Matt White,
Katherine Foster, Emily Hincks, Courtney Cauthon
Absent: Michelle MacArthur, with apology

Approval of Agenda
-Motion to approve agenda by CC, seconded by KF, all in favour.

Approval of last meeting’s minutes
-Motion to approve by EH, seconded by JB, all in favour.

Bryden Update: RW
-Decision about winning students of the Bryden Fellowship has been made through a
very smooth process. Winners to be announced at the Holiday Party.
-Fellowship made theatre outing ticket prices only $4.25. This may allow, in the future, a
more expensive show to be seen, such as an opera.
Evaluations Update: RW
-Evaluations have been updated already and are to go out to classes this week.
-Questions have been changed to include professor availability both in and out of the
classroom, as well as a comparison between courses in terms of work load and interest.
-Discussed a way in which students can comment on their cross-listed courses as this is
something that Stephen is interested in knowing about.
-RW to e-mail listserv to remind students of importance of evaluations, as well as to
encourage students to e-mail Stephen with comments on cross-listed courses, or drop off
a printed version to Debbie to preserve anonymity.

PhD Funding Update: RW
-No more free funding available for PhD 1 and 2 students as of, most likely, next
-Discussion to consider production hours as an assistantship job as there will not be
enough jobs for all of those students otherwise, which is a big problem.
-This will be made public at the January GM, but perhaps Stephen should consider
announcing it to the PhD 1s in theory class, as they will be directly impacted next year.

GSU Meeting Report: CC
-CC told the GSU that we are working internally to improve our course evaluations, but
that the GSU should be concerned about it as it is an issue in other departments as well.
The GSU responded positively, and is looking to create a standardized process for
looking at evaluations.
-The new Warden (Louise Cohen) for Hart House spoke at the meeting to announce that
next year they are looking to have more graduate students involved at Hart House. There
will be conference space available to grad students next September. How could the DC


use this to our advantage?
-Louise Cohen also announced Festival of Arts from March 3-20 that offers free space
and advertising. Deadline for applications is December 10.

7. Dedicated Student Space Update: CC
-One suggestion in the box. Still no student space for DC students.

8. Budget: KF
-Nothing new to report.

9. Reimbursements: KF
-KF implemented a new system for receipts: write your name on the back, the event at
the top, separate your own groceries before paying.
-Do not give her receipts at the Holiday Party.
-Use the mailboxes for handing in receipts and collecting cheques.

10. Theatre Outing Report: EH
-Successful outing at low rates, but three people who RSVPed did not show up. EH to e-
mail them to try and collect money they owe.

11. Post-Production Report for Richard III: MW
-Three hours long.
-Discussed success of house (70/night)
-Issue of standing vs. sitting -create a price variance next time?
-Attendance by DC students could be higher, discussed making it part of curriculum.
-The possibility of having a coffee station in the theatre since there was no intermission,
which would also encourage people to move around a little bit during the show
-Talk-backs successful but often too long

12. Concessions Report for Richard III
-Made a little bit of money from selling water bottles.

13. Concessions for Boulevard of the Brave
-To be decided at January Exec Meeting.

14. Winter Term Professional Development Workshop: RW
-Stephen liked the idea and will incorporate it into future 6000 courses next year.
-MM will organize one for next term on Publishing.

15. Library Letter re: Robarts Drama Shelving: RW
-Letter has been delivered to Robart’s but has not been replied to.

16. Video Camera Usage Update: JB
-People are using the video camera but JB wants to know when (will mention this at the

17. Website Update: JB
-JB to use Mark’s computer to update website in one week.

18. Season Survey: MW
-MW received only four responses to the survey, all of which varied quite a bit.
-MW wondered if it should be sent out again, but RW felt that many of the issues would


be dealt with through the Theatre and Events Committee. A survey next spring may be
more effective.

19. Theatre and Events Committee Update: RW and CC
-In a meeting with Stephen, the T&E Committee decided that prospective students should
know what the season will be, that theory and practice at the DC should be clearly
defined (since the terms are often contested in the field)
-Discussed sense of purpose of the season and decided that a clearer mandate should be
developed and represented in the student handbook and on the website.
-Four main goals were established: 1) To create a greater connection and service to the
University of Toronto, 2) To create a greater connection and service to theatre across
Toronto, 3) A pedagogical promotion and an integration of performance, into the
coursework, and 4) To introduce mandatory practice-based research (a point of
-Discussed a summer course involving the Fringe and Summerworks Festivals for
undergraduates with MA-student support (which makes the MA program 12 months)
-Announced Blackface Symposium (March 29-30), the Renaissance Fair (June 13-14)
and ideas for DC involvement in Nuit Blanche and Illuminato.
-Discussions will continue at the next meeting this Monday.

20. Constitutional Reform Subcommittee: RW
-No new updates.

21. Holiday Party: ALL
-CC and MM to help set up in the morning, KF, MW, RW to set up in the afternoon, EH
to arrive at 630 to wait for food.
-Raffle to take place at 10pm
-5 categories for game, KF to make cookies, CC to oversee game
-EH and MW to try and gather more prizes from movie theatres, RW to buy a bottle of
-Charity: Blue Hills (a support centre for children with mental illness and their families).

22. Listserv Newsletter
-No. Students receive enough e-mails from the Exec.

23. Capital Gift
-Start thinking of ideas to vote on at the GM.
-i-pod dock or stereo for the lobby?

24. Event Ideas for Next Term
-Brecht Coffee House (“Brechtkoffeehaus”)
-Rower’s Pub/Victory Café/Artful Dodger’s for end-of-year party
-Keep brainstorming ideas…

25. Next Exec Meeting
-Tentatively January 21, 2008 at 130pm


26. January GM
-Tentatively January 14, 2008 at 115pm

Motion to adjourn meeting at 3:39pm by CC, seconded by MW.

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