There are two awards that are either partially or wholly administered by the DCSUE exclusively for members of the DCSU.

Ron Bryden Memorial Scholarship

The Ron Bryden Memorial Scholarship was established in 2005 by the Bryden family in honour of the scholar, dramaturg and theatre critic. Ron Bryden came to the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama in 1976 and served two terms as Director.

Every year, this scholarship of $250 is available to one full- or part-time student of the Graduate Centre for Study of Drama to help subsidize the purchase of theatre tickets throughout the academic year.

The scholarship is intended to assist students who wish to see theatre that relates to their academic work. Funds are to go specifically to the purchase of theatre tickets; the selection committee does not welcome applications for funds to travel to see theatre outside of the greater Toronto area.

An application to the scholarship consists of the following:

(1) a letter (1 to 2 pages) which
(a) outlines candidate’s area of scholarly interest
(b) identifies performances that the candidate wishes to attend
(c) explains the potential benefits to the candidate’s research of seeing these performances

(2) a current Curriculum vitae

This year’s deadline for applications is 01 December 2009. The results of the competition will
be announced in early January.

Saddlemyer-Parker Award

This award, in the amount of $150.00, has been established for a Drama Centre student in honour of retired Professors Brian Parker and Ann Saddlemyer. The purpose of the award is to recognize an outstanding contribution made by a student to the life of the Drama Centre.

The administration of this award is generally conducted by the recipient of the award from the preceding academic year. In instances where that student is no longer a Drama Centre student, administration of the award falls to the DCSUE.

Nominations are solicited in the spring, and the award is made to the student who receives the most nominations; the award will be presented at either the final General Meeting in April or the End of Year Party.

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