OCTOBER 24, 2012




Approval of agenda
Approval of minutes from previous two exec meetings
Theatre outing/pub night
Holiday party
GSU report
Other business



  • in attendance: Grace, Isabel, Myrto, Johanna, Cam
  • not in attendance: Monty
  • Isabel moves to approve agenda – Johanna seconds – all in favour
  • Grace moves to approve minutes for meeting before last – Cam seconds – all in favour
  • Cam moves to approve minutes – Cass seconds – all in favour


Theatre Outings and Pubnight

  • Grace: Opera Atelier ends Friday Nov 2 (last weeknight) – “pupnight” at Cass’s house after? Is it too soon?
    • can get $20 tickets
    • everyone in agreement
    • money will be used to pay Cass back for pizza orders etc. (maybe around $50 dedicated to this? Monty not here to tell)
    • do we have $200 for theatre outings the whole year?
    • approved


  • email went out today from Lou
  • classes are scheduled till 12, but they sometimes end at 1
  • Cass: enlist Noam to make his waffle batter and has loads of food colouring – Isabel will email him
  • Grace can also make waffle mix
  • Isabel has a waffle iron – will try bring before Tuesday – Grace will remember
  • Noam and Nikki have waffle irons too – Cass will email Nikki
  • we all meet here at 11:30pm – Johanna and Myrto have class until 12, Isabel has class till 12
  • DRA5000 has class til 12 (or 1) – Cam will email him to ask to get out in time
  • Grace will get Halloween plates and forks and napkins
  • we have regular and light syrup, and chocolate already
  • we’ll tell people to bring toppings (but they don’t) – we need toppings – everyone should bring stuff
  • we have 2 gluten free individuals – gluten free waffles? or fruit platter
    • Cam will bring fruit platter
    •  Johanna will be in charge of finding out if they’re coming and if we can make gluten free


Holiday Party

  • Tuesday December 4
  • Cass: let’s do a food and toy drive again! But we need to put out the boxes early, so that people can remember. Cass will create a beautiful box.
    • student food centre and sick kids
    • Cass will find emails from last year and resend them – re: what they accept.
  • Cass can make a turkey because we’ve lost our turkey person.
  • It’s potluck. We need people to bring.
  • We should probably send an email mid-November – Grace will do it.
  • When do we decorate the tree? Lots of sparkle! Do it the week before? Extra buckets of glitter the day of.
    • November 28th is tree day (maybe include this in the email)
  • Johanna: We should also invite people to bring any other non-Christian decorations.


GSU report

  • Nothing of note happened. Just mandates about different committees.
  • The GSU special grants: one time only grants, available to small course unions (65 members and under). Max $200. Has to benefit all students represented.
    • organizational expenses
    • teching seminars, colloquiums, etc
    • circulating info
    • academic cultural events
    • sports
    • parties/receptions (100)
    • deadline December 5th
  • all this applies – maybe we can do professional development colloquia? Food and honorarium to speakers?
  • Cass: KMDI has some cool research tools
  • Grace: Steph tutorial for sound design
    • Cass: we still don’t have computer for it. Stephen needs to hear back re computer and yoga mats.
  • Cass will ask if anyone would be interested to do it – and then maybe if we get this grant we can give them honorarium. Otherwise we just provide food. If we get the thing, we might even be able to do two days.
  • Isabel: Should we ask DC students to give us input? She will email to ask. Give people a week.
  • They will have to write the letter and budget? Or they will help us to do it? We’ll let them know this in the email.
  • Headgrant application got in on time – Isabel will give to Monty



FOOT funding

  • Cass: Foot Budget. Usually $500 comes from DCSU. Cass wants to make sure this is ok. Do we need to vote it?
  • Also, last year there was a special request, and got $1000. But that’s a special request.
  • Also, last year we were talking about starting to plan earlier – had said to put out the call in September! For planning and funding re: SSHRC.
    • SSHRC no longer an issue
    • Still good to do this esp. bc keynotes get booked up.
  • Any opposition? Let’s vote:
    • Grace moves to approve. Isabel seconds. Cass and Myrto abstain. All other in favour. Approved.
  • If put out call early for artistic directors, the new can shadow/mentor with the ongoing directors.
  • We should do this early – like before the holidays.
  • We usually pull the call from last year with new date.
  • Grace: Who is responsible? Cass: the president
  • Grace will send the call around for us to check it before she send it out.
  • Isabel: should we decide deadline?
  • Cass: suggests end of November. To avoid paper time.
  • Cass: describes the process – and especially fact that encourages people do it in pairs.



  • Come to cage.
  • We should put capital gift on next agenda.
  • Isabel: Yoga mats? Grace: Stephen is waiting for her reply.
  • We explain the idea of the capital gift. – Try not to get upkeep things (the DC should do it), or things that would incur ongoing costs. Sometimes we save up over a couple of years to do it. Or can share cost with Stephen.
  • Isabel: wasn’t Monty meant to do something with the emergency printer? Grace will remind him.
  • Cass: Printer with email address. Can keep track of print jobs and send out emails to collect money. Maybe a capital gift idea?
  • Grace: Would that be too much work?
  • Cass: People would not be honest.
  • Isabel: let’s set up the existing printer as a test-run for this idea.
  • Johanna: Put a note so that we discourage excessive use.
  • To avoid a ton of work for upkeep? Let’s try this as “emergency” printer.
  • Isabel: send out email to say we’re test running it and say don’t overuse it or we won’t be able to sustain. And still point note on it too.

Grace moves to adjourn. Cass seconds. All in favour.


*Note: Myrto, once the minutes are approved, they need to go on website.