General Meetings Minutes

General Meeting Minutes – April 2, 2013

April 2, 2013

DC Seminar Room



Approve Agenda

Approve Minutes from Last GM

Elections – President, Ex-Officio, Treasure, PhD Member-at-Large, Union Steward

End of the Year Party

Treasurer’s Report

GSU Report

Capital Gift


Other Business




Grace moves to start meeting – Cassandra seconds – All in Favour

In attendance: Grace, Cassandra, Isabel, Cameron, Johanna, Art, Monty, Myrto


Grace moves to waive quorum – Cassandra seconds – All in favour


Approve Agenda

Cass moves to approve agenda – Isabel seconds – All in favour



Approve Minutes from Last GM

Grace moves to approve minutes – Cameron seconds – All in favour


Elections – President, Ex-Officio, Treasure, PPhD Member-at-Large, Union Steward

Cassandra: traditionally the president becomes ex-officio

Grace would like to be Union Steward – Nominates herself – No other nominations – Grace wins by acclamation

Johanna informs us that Jenny, who is not not here, would like to be PhD member at large – Johanna nominates Jenny – Cam seconds – no other nominations – wins by acclamation

Cass nominates Myrto for treasurer – Myrto declines

Johanna nominates Art for Secretary – Art declines

Cassandra nominates Johanna for Secretary – Johanna declines

Isabel co-nominates Johanna and Monty for co-president – Johanna declines – Monty declines

Isabel co-nominates Myrto and Cam for Co-presidents – Art seconds – no other nominations – win by acclamation

Jo nominates Art as Treasurer – Isabel seconds – no other nominations – wins by acclamation

Jo nominates Monty Ex-off – Art seconds – no other nominations – wins by acclamation


End of the Year Party

it’s booked, April 10th at 8pm, an email will go out tonight by Cam

munchies – a couple of plates every hour – Cass says every half hour – over budget?

did we vote to use more money? – yes, $150

more munchies, less often, starting at 8 or 8:30 – 3 times during the evening

we will use Cam’s card for the deposit – others are also willing to if need be

Cass suggests to make Facebook event – Art is doing it now

Awards: Grace will make award certificates, Isabel will buy candy. Award categories will be decided over email. We usually do about 7 or 8. The Saddlemeyer Parker award announcement has gone to Lou.


Treasurer’s Report

$980.79 is going into the account from Head Grant, Special Grant, and Conference Grant

There are a couple of cheques to go out – to Grace, to Allison.

The second account does not get used.

Final balance will be updated soon, as soon as incoming/outgoing cheques are taken care of.

Cass: check in with Lou about a cheque that was owed her for the holiday party.

Note: at the end of year party – we should keep an eye on what we’re spending! If we’re going to get charged for the diff up to $500 anyway, we might as well buy something for it.


GSU Report

Nothing new to report. But, note that the cheque for special grant: we will be required to report on that re: event. Event will be happening on April 12, 2-4pm.

Isabel brings Art up to date re: re-hauling our health insurance. Perhaps will change provider. Art has a complaint to communicate about it. Will send to Isabel.


Capital Gift

It doesn’t seem as though we have come to a decision about the computer…


Gym mats to supplement Yoga mats – Grace will price out the gym mats end of April.

Magic technology box (Monty’s suggestion)

Furnishing the office space

Cass suggests a magic email printer, can charge people bc the thing keeps track. (Each person pays up front? Or are people to be asked to pay at end?) Someone specific will have to be responsible for it (costs and maintenance) – e.g. members at large. Perhaps DCSU would have to front the costs. Each DCSU will have to decide how they do with it. Grace brings up issue of access to room. Cass will investigate the technicalities in late April.

Isabel: A good coffee maker? According to Cass this is historically problematic in terms of maintenance.

Decision will be made via email between gym mats and printer end of April.



We have accepted a proposal – Kelsy and Allison.

If we have any questions or concerns, we should let them know.


Other Business

Art’s suggestion: a theatre sub-committee. Cassandra volunteers to help Art.

Monty suggests having a regular theatre outing night.

Cass suggests that we go to Peter Kuling to have a second calendar, or to make suggestions/announcements on current calendar of good/cheap shows.

They can help us get group prices for the official theatre outings – and in collaboration with Massey.

Myrto – announcement to the students abt exec meetings? – Something we can talk about next year. Especially sometime in summer.


Grace moves to Adjourn – Cassandra seconds – all in favour

General Meeting – January 23, 2013

General Meeting

January 23, 2013



Approve Agenda

Approve Minutes from Last GM

Winter/Spring DCSU events

Treasurer’s Report

GSU Report

  • volunteers needed for 2 positions

Capital Gift

FOOT Applications for next year

Other business



Grace moves to start the meeting – Monty seconds

Present: Grace, Isabel, Kelsy, Myrto, Monty, Johanna, Jenny, Lauren, Matt, Cameron

Isabel move to waive quorum – Johanna seconds – all in favour


Approve Agenda

Myrto moves to approve the agenda – Isabel seconds – all in favour


Approve Minutes from Last GM

Grace moves to approve – Matt seconds – all in favour


Winter/Spring DCSU events

Theatre outing

Isabel’s suggestion: Worldstage – Othello, C’est Qui – Feb 6 – 9

Lisa’s suggestion via Cameron: Arrigatto Tokyo at Buddies – March 16 –        April 15 something

Grace suggests: Let’s go for Isabel’s first bc might be able to pay for whole thing – Lisa’s idea as       backup. We all agree.



More to come soon. Will be on a day where lots of classes.

Cassandra is organizing.

Lauren suggests – V-effect for Valentine’s.


Pub night

Kelsy’s idea – like the salons from a couple of years ago – food, drink, etc.

– there will be a call for performances – first at DC

– questions about including the UC too, and maybe after that open it up         even wider

– Matt question – theme? New and original work. Maybe tie in with spring      re-birth.


End of year party

Members at large are organizing – send ideas their way

Requesting a choir…


Treasurer’s Report

Spent so far: $359.80 – less than last year (not including cheques given out today and bar cost for    the Holiday party). Orientation was more expensive last year. But we’ve spent more on each of   the other events so far.

Still to spend the FOOT money and the remaining spring events. Also, Saddlemeyer Parker and        capital gift – X2, i.e. last year’s and this year’s. Yoga mats being bought shortly – less than $500.

Budget for end-of-year party is $150.

Myrto: How much in account? Monty says he will tell us once cheques are cashed.


GSU Report

Not much happens. A lot of discussion about mandates. Not very pertinent for us. But we applied   for 2 grants – both have been received.       $500 for FOOT.  And the small grant for our small event       – the research tech chat. The money will go to food and a small honorarium.

Elected a member at large for GSU – committed to improving the situation of international    students. Want 2 volunteers to consult with: for the anticalendar and the international students.            Not big commitments.

Cam will do the anticalendar

International students at DC: Justin, Catie, Shelley? Isabel will email them and any others. If no-      go, one of exec will have to do.

Matt asks about political activism of the GSU – Isabel says anyone can come, but can’t vote.


Capital Gift

We’re getting yoga mats for last year’s gift – very soon.

This year’s capital gift, still under discussion. We’re open to suggestions.

Monty suggests: the Ent-tec wireless dmx interface: This is a magical thing.

Any other suggestions: please email us. Ask around. Note: we don’t get things that the DC should     be providing.


FOOT Applications for next year

We haven’t gotten any yet. We’ll put out soon after the current FOOT. Spread word…



Other business

We’re asking Stephen for study-space and laptop for booth.

Monty: Or just lobby for it wi-fi in studio?

Matt: we need mannequins or dummies and head of props for Death Clowns. Spread the word.        Monty asks if we have budget for security deposit.


Grace moves to adjourn – Johanna seconds. All in favour.



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